From Helena: I do love your new Vine show, but don't underestimate the power of print! Please tell me the chat is not going away! I'll die.
You'll live. There wasn't a chat last week because of the holiday (we had Presidents' Day off), and my, oh my, I had no idea what a ruckus it would stir up! I'm so sorry to have confused anyone, but the Vine show is simply an added bonus. It is not a replacement for the Monday Spoiler Chat. And to prove it to you, here we go...

From Lalaine in New York: Blimey! I, like you, did not want to like The Black Donnellys, but it's so good that I'm instantly hooked! Any word on what's next?
I'm so glad! Make sure you check out my Guinness-swilling interview with BD power couple Tommy (Jonathan Tucker) and Jenny (Olivia Wilde). In the next ep, you'll have something to squeal—then cry—about. And Tucker told me there's a reason he and Olivia have so much sexual chemistry onscreen. "Our interaction is especially good because Olivia has a huge crush on me in real life, which makes things really interesting around the set." He was only kidding. I think. Hmmm...On second thought, I might have to have a word with Olivia, given that he's my new Future Husband and all.

From Jason in Gainesville, Florida: Can you give me some news on Studio 60? Is it totally over? Have they struck the sets?
Actually, they're still shooting. And I'm quite sure the full season order will be filmed as originally promised, although I don't know when we'll be able to see it. Hopefully sooner than later. I'm still hearing about upcoming story arcs. Tom Jeter's brother, who's in Afghanistan, will become a major storyline around episode 17.

From Moxie in New Hampshire: Any word on the next Survivor?
Inside sources confirm to me that it's for sure gonna be in China! Pretty cool, right?

From Thomas in Ireland: Have they completely dropped the storyline of a main character being bisexual on Grey's Anatomy?
Looks that way. Check out the spoiler section.

From Ginny in Maine: How's it looking for Addisex on Grey's?
Not good. Aside from the Addison & Alex scoop I spilled in my new Vine show (you can watch it on this page if you haven't yet), things with "Crush" will heat up over the coming episodes. I met Elizabeth Reaser at the Independent Spirit Awards, where she was nominated for Best Female Lead for Sweet Land, and she's simply fabulous. When I told her about the fan nickname for her Jane Doe character on Grey's—Crush, because Alex has a crush on her and because she was crushed under that pylon—she completely wigged. "Are you serious? I have a nickname? I'm…I'm totally dorking out right now." Naturally, I pried about her 10-ep stint on Grey's, and she told me, "It was scary, but then I got on set, and they're just the nicest people, and they welcomed me, and Justin Chambers is just such a sweet guy. I'm very lucky. I think I've only done four episodes so far, though. I have no idea what's going to happen—and if I tell you, and I don't tell my sister, I'd be in so much trouble!" Okay, fair enough, but the minute your sister knows—call me.

From Amber in Lubbock, Texas: Happy Birthday! In honor of your B-day and mine (which is tomorrow), do you have any info on The Hills? I was wondering what the girls are up to and if they are still friends with Brody and Spencer?
Thanks! Happy Birthday to you, fellow fishy Pisces. Yes, I'm sorry to tell you that Spencer and Heidi are still totally together. In fact, they were spotted at the US Weekly Oscar party last night, arm in arm. They still hang with Brody, of course, but he and Lauren are not an item anymore. Actually, there's a major Brody episode coming up tonight. It's a don't-miss. Let's just say a major longtime friendship comes to an end. Scandalous!

From Kelly in Philadelphia: Any dish on Nathan/Claire/HRG on Heroes? I love the dynamic of Claire and her two dads. Will we get more?
Sure sounds like it. When I talked to Hayden Panettiere on the Heroes set, she said, "I knew a little bit before everyone else did [that Nathan was Claire's father], but it was great. My favorite part is that [the Petrellis] are Italian, and they are getting into my [real-life] Italian heritage...I'm really excited about what my character has been doing, and she's really going somewhere, and the storyline involving other people and coming across other characters is really cool. It's something I've been looking forward to for the whole season. It should be really fun."

From Wendy in Yellowknife, Northern Territories, Canada: Heroes!
Check back tomorrow for the Redux!

From Zoe in Alaska: Kristin, it would be great if you could tell people about our Gilmore Girls Great 8 Mandate. We're working to get an eighth season for Gilmore Girls. Can you spread the word?
Of course, here's the link! The word is out, thanks to you. By the way, if you want to root for another season of your favorite on-the-bubble shows, hold tight just a little bit longer. We're launching the Seventh Annual Save One Show campaign very soon, and then you can represent to your heart's content.

From Robyn in Columbus, Ohio: Kristin, are you watching Amazing Race All Stars? I wasn't sorry to see Kevin and Drew go home after Drew pulled David and Mary's bags out of the overhead last night! Not cool!
So not cool! But actually, I spoke to Drew and Kevin this morning, and Drew admitted that what he did was wrong. He said David kind of confronted him about it right after it happened, and he apologized right away. He said they're actually good friends with David and Mary and keep in touch over email.

From Jenna in St. Louis: Anything on Friday Night Lights?
Just this hilarious, '80s-styled clip of a non-wheelchair-bound Jason Street in the new Drew Barrymore movie, Music & Lyrics. OMG, pop just went my bladder! 


From Lourdes in Miami: Are they still going to reveal that a character is bisexual on Grey's? It's been forever now since you told us that!
I know, and apparently, I really should have kept my big yapper shut, because much like the what-the-dog-saw-in-the-cargo-hold reveal from the first-season finale of Lost, it seems that my reporting (among other factors, I'm sure—I hope!) of this storyline caused it to be changed. The original plan was to have a female character's past love come back—and that love was a woman. But now this female character will have a past love come back—and it is a man. Still, it will have ripple effects in this character's current relationship.

From Katie, Decatur, Georgia: So Addison's leaving Grey's… maybe. Are we gonna get a new character to take her place?
Well, I don't know if "take her place" is the right terminology, but I can tell you there will be a new series regular on Grey's very soon. Two, in fact! My sources tell me that one of them will be a female doc who's around the same age as Addison. She'll be African-American, and I'm told her name might be Naomi. I'm also hearing about a young guy named Dell who's very cute and could be joining Olivia at the nurses' station!

From Stephen in Pasadena, California: You mentioned Callie has a big secret on Grey's. Any hints? Please, please, please?
Sure. She has something in common with Paris Hilton.

From Sara in Lucca, Italy: Are Izzie and Alex the two interns hooking up on Grey's Anatomy? Please tell me I'm right!
Nope, sorry. You're not.

From Thomas in Redding, California: Any House news?
Only that you absolutely must watch the episode that airs March 6!! You know that thing we all want to happen? That thing I always ask the stars about every time I see them? That thing that started to seem like it would never go down? Well, it's on, mes petit tubairs! And I'm all squishy inside. Still, there is a very dark lining: The group will learn that House is dying. Like I said, you gotta watch!

From Emilie in San Luis Obispo, California: I missed my Ugly Betty last week! Any scoop to tide me over?
I can tell you that Daniel Meade may be having a Christian Troy-like episode very soon! I'm hearing something about a threesome, with a sister-sister combo. Family fun!

From Jen in Louisville, Kentucky: So, what's the deal on How I Met Your Mother? Are Marshall and Lily getting married this season or what?
They are! I've heard from a little birdie who chirps love songs that Save the Dates have already gone out for the Ericksen/Aldrin affair, so yes, we'll be seeing some wedding action before the season ends! (Funny side note: I went to a little desert hideaway this weekend where Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof got married in real life a few years back, and you'll never guess who was there! Her Veronica Mars mommy and daddy! Yes, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Seems they are truly enjoying the afterlife.)

From Lisa: Did you see Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing at the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend? I love him!
The feeling is mutual. I actually talked to Neil right before his performance, and he was kind enough to give me this Mother scoop: Apparently Barney may have the chance to meet his long-lost birth father very soon! Probably not the same guy who fathered his brother (played by Wayne Brady!), but still very cool. I, for one, can't wait to see the man that spawned the Barnana!

From Jen in Stockton, California: I heard a rumor that CSI's Miniature Killer might be David Hodges, or that it might be someone else within the crime lab. Do you know if there is any truth to this rumor?
When I asked Wallace Langham these very questions, he told me, "David Hodges is very much involved with the story of the Miniature Killer. He's been trying desperately to cozy up to Grissom, and...killing people might get Grissom's attention." Wallace (a wonderful man, by the way) tells me the Miniature Killer storyline will be resolved by season's end—and that something very important involving David Hodges is revealed in this season's 20th ep, airing Apr. 12.

From Eileen in Hermosa Beach, California. Can you tell us anything more about the next episode of Lost?
Lots of Hurley ex-girlfriend action: We find out what happened to him and Starla, and Libby sets the tone. And like I said in the Redux, this episode is far better than last week's. Promise.

From Sara in Columbia, Missouri: Do you have any Lost scoop? I loved the Desmond episode and can't wait for more. Do you have anything to hold us over?
I can tell you that Desmond's beloved Penny makes another appearance in his next flashback. Yippee! Am I the only one who loves the Pessy action?

From Talia in Surrey, British Columbia: Did they change Jack's tattoo on Lost? I thought it was just a dragon or something before, now it looks like a UFO. Am I crazy?
Jack's tattoos are Matthew Fox's real tattoos, so they're the same dragon-powered alien spaceships as always!

From Lisa in Athens, Georgia: Since Ben is Alex's father, and Alex is Rousseau's daughter, do you know if there will be an episode explaining what happened between Ben and Rousseau? We want to see Rousseau kick Ben's ass.
Me, too! Korbi, three! Dr. Anna, four! Actually, remember back to last season—it was Danielle Rousseau who captured Ben in the first place and turned him over to the Losties! So, I don't think she remembers Ben, and I definitely don't think Ben is Alex's biological father. (If Danielle is to be believed, her baby daddy was Robert, and she killed him to save him from the Sickness.) But believe you me, you're not the only one waiting for Danielle to beat on Ben with all the power of 16 years of pissed-off mama bear at her back.

From Sarah in Wilmington, Ohio: Supernatural scoop!
Dean's gettin' a girlfriend! Dean's gettin' a girlfriend! Yes, our boy Dean will have a live-in lady, before the end of the season. But don't freak, girls! I'm told they're somewhat serious, but it turns out Dean is actually unaware of the relationship's existence… Much like my relationship with Jensen Ackles.

From Patricia in Springfield, New Jersey: Can you give me some Prison Break scoop? I need some info on my man Michael!
First of all, back off, be-yotch! Just kidding. There's plenty of Wenty to go around. "Your" man Michael is going back to prison, Patricia. Yes, sadly, I'm told Michael ends up behind bars before the season is over. But he won't be at Fox River. No, Michael will be spending some hard time in one of the worst prisons south of the border. And this time, he doesn't exactly have an escape plan mapped out on his person. Qué lástima, no?

From Lexy in Las Vegas: Do you have any news on Ghost Whisperer?
What did you guys think of Jamie Bamber's zombie gig? I don't know about you, but I think he's hot even when he's undead and drooling! In the long run, I hear Wide Brim is about to become the least of Melinda's worries. She's also being stalked by an otherworldly bad thing who is allied with but much more powerful than Romano.

From Diana in New York City: ER scoop, please! And my biggest favor to ask you: Is Kip Pardue gonna appear in more episodes? I love him!
You know I hate to be the bearer of bad news for my beloved tuberinos, but I talked to Linda Cardellini, who was at the Independent Spirit Awards supporting her film American Gun, this weekend, and it sounds like Kip isn't staying around for much longer. She told me, "Kip Pardue stays for a little while, but then somebody else new comes in, Joe Manganiello. And, you know, Sam's forced to deal with her troubled son. Not so fun. She deals with him in a way—she sends him away, and now is sort of the first time in her life she's on her own, which brings out all kinds of crazy things."

From Amos in Bernalillo, New Mexico: You mentioned a marriage proposal on Bones in your Vine show! What?! And more importantly, who?!
I can tell you...when. It goes down in episode 18.

From Kristy in Nashville, Tennessee: Dirt is my favorite guilty pleasureany scoop?
I ran into the sweet and very beautiful Shannyn Sossamon at the Independent Spirit Awards, and she told me that Kira Klay's ghost returns for the season finale.

From Mark: Any word on What About Brian?
The next ep (next Monday) is really good and has a surprising sexual encounter between Adam and Brian's sister (Rosanna Arquette). It starts off as a Chandler-Monica-esque "one time only" thing.

From Bridget in Seattle: Apparently, in the podcasts for Battlestar Galactica, Ronald Moore says that the Cylon models all represent aspects of the Zodiac. I know that Six is supposed to be Virgo, but do you know what the other six known models represent?
Leoben has to be a Leo, right? And I think Eight/Boomer/Athena could be a Gemini, with her ability to integrate her Cylonity and her Humanity. And Three has got to be some kind of Fire sign (I'm guessing Sagittarius). But when I inquired about this for you, a show rep told me, "Okay, I've been informed by the writing team that this is something they're not prepared to reveal!" Aha! That's as revealing as actual information, so now I'm imagining a pivotal scene where all the Cylons line up with the Zodiac signs they represent, in some sort of major cosmo-mythological reveal. Keep your eyes peeled and your star charts at the ready!

From Lewis: Can we start a campaign to get Michael Muhney on BSG?
And how! Who's with me?!

From Brittany in Louisiana: I really need some Office scoop! How long before Jim and Pam get together?
First the good news: May sweeps will be here before you know it, and seeing how good "Casino Night" was for us Jammers last year, I think we can hope for something even better this year. Also, I'm going to see all of the Officers this coming Friday at the Museum of Television and Radio's Paley Festival, so hold tight! Bad news: I've been watching TV for a looong time now, and I got a little worried last Thursday when Jim became B-ball pals with the CFO (not his initials). If Jim becomes a muckety-muck at Dunder-Mifflin, would a relationship with receptionist Pam still be kosher? Hold me, guys—I'm scared!

That's it for today. Thanks so much for all your questions. You can submit more Q's any time through the Ask Kristin button at left, then check back Monday morning to see if it was answered in the Vine show and Tuesday morning to see if it's answered in the chat.

Happy Tubing!


—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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