Hump Day Stumper

Is it already that time again, tubers? It sure is! Our middle-of-the-week tattlefest, detailing TV’s dirtiest secrets, is here. Let's see if you can figure this one out...

You Can Call Me "J"
Share everything. That's the first rule of kindergarten, is it not? Well, apparently the producers of a certain popular show skipped right on to first grade, because sources tell me things just got ugly behind the scenes. Here's the gist. The producers of a certain Underdog Show that many WWKers totally heart (it's quality TV, but it is struggling in the ratings) asked a certain lovable performer from an established Popular Show on the same network to do a guest spot. (The ratings are low, and Underdog needs all the help it can get!) It all seemed like a great idea—until the poop hit the fan.

Apparently, the deal was made without the approval from the Popular Show's producers, not to mention the network brass, and things immediately got nasty. The Popular producers and the network bigwigs lashed out at Underdog. How dare they try this without getting their boss’ blessing! After much distress, a stern order came down insisting that all said actor’s scenes be cut immediately...and you best believe the order was carried out. 

Got guesses? Well then, post 'em below!

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