Grey's Anatomy: T.R. Knight, Sara Ramirez

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Hey tubers! Lots of great questions this week, and much scoopiness to dish out, so let's get started... 

From Kelly: So, T.R. Knight is not leaving Grey's Anatomy? Really?
Really, really. And for juice on what matrimonial shockers may lie ahead for our Seattle Grace scrubbers, read on down to the spoiler section.

From Jonathan: How crazy good is 24 this season? Any scoop?
Amazing! I have run into quite a few members of Jack and his posse at recent events, including the Fox party, so I'll chomp it up and spit it out (just like Jack with a terrorist's Adam's apple) in the spoiler section. (By the way, make sure you check out the Kiefer goodness in the latest Vine show on the main page! Wenty-poo, aka Wentworth Miller, and Brad Garrett are also in there, so it's a good view.)

From Nikky: I'm so looking forward to the upcoming spectacular 16-episode run of Lost! Do you have a list of whose flashbacks are airing and when?
Hold tight on Lost. Very soon I'll bring you all the exclusive scoop we got at the TV Academy Lost panel, including dish on flashbacks and Skate vs. Jate. In the meantime, though, I can tell you about the return of one particular flashback character. Yesterday at the SAG Awards, I ran into Kim Dickens (she plays Cassidy, and there's no one I'd rather have as Sawyer's baby-mama—well, other than myself!), and Kim told me she is flying to Hawaii today to shoot another Lost episode. Bon Viaj-aloha! So, it looks like we're getting another Sawyer-centric gem before the season ends.

From Kristy: When do the new seasons of the HBO shows Sopranos, Entourage and Big Love start?
New episodes of The Sopranos and Entourage launch Apr. 8, but Big Love is a little further out. I hear the production team has been tentatively told June. By the way, Rex Lee ("Lloyd!") told me at the SAG Awards yesterday that the upcoming episodes of Entourage "are all about if and how Ari and Vince find their way back to each other, and how the rest of us fit into that." And Lloyd might be doing a little Ari-Vince matchmaking of his own, as well as "a little bit of finding out what's going on in Ari's heart, relative to how he behaves toward Lloyd."

From Caitlin: My husband can't wait until Entourage comes back, so I promised him I'd ask you for some scoop—spill!
Anything for your husband. (Kidding! I'm kidding!) I talked to Perrey Reeves (Mrs. Ari) at the SAG Awards and she told me two things. First, don't expect to learn her real first name anytime soon. "I think that could be an HBO surprise. I think that's their tradition, you know, like with Mr. Big. I think Mrs. Ari is following in a nice tradition." Second, she told me, "there are a couple of great surprise girls this year. They're not friends of Mrs. Ari, but they're a great addition to the show."

From Ally: Please, please, please spill all you know on Michael Vartan's (your first future husband, remember!) ABC pilot! (Did I say please enough?)
All I know is not much, but Michael's going to be playing James Auster, one of a group of CEOs who are members of the same golf club and who help each other succeed in their business and personal lives. Think of it as Friends (with Gulfstreams) who split their time between the boardroom and bedroom.

From Harold: Pretty please BSG!
Pretty important intel: Someone posted the season three gag reel online, and it's awesome.

From Jeff: How good is What About Brian right now?!  What are the chances of a third season?
Sooo good! The last couple of episodes, especially. Unfortunately, the ratings do not reflect its fabulousness, and I just heard from an ABC source who says the network decided today to cut the episode order down to 19 for this season. Not a great sign. Let’s hope the addition of Tiffani Theissen (aka Valerie Malone, aka Kelly Kapowski) will give it the boost it needs.

From Kelly: Numb3rs scoop, please!
Ran into David Krumholtz at the SAGs and asked him just that! He spilled: "Larry's gone and now Charlie's got this really crabby boss in Kathy Najimy, who's giving him a really hard time, but she's kind of going toward his side of things. And in the meantime, it frees him up to make moves on his girlfriend. And that's going good—it's getting better and better every week. I think this week we're doing a scene where she's in a negligee. So…it's not just a show about math!"

From Geo1213: Your list of TV premieres only goes through January. Can it please be updated for our favorite shows (Lost, ANTM, The Amazing Race) that return in February?
Here are the Feb. premieres you need to know. Mark your calendars!

The Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central): Feb. 1
Top Design (Bravo): Feb. 5
Rules of Engagement (CBS): Feb. 5
Lost (ABC): Feb. 7
Survivor (CBS): Feb. 9
Kim Possible (Disney Channel): Feb. 10
Instant Star (The N): Feb. 16
The Amazing Race (CBS): Feb. 18
Jericho (CBS): Feb. 21
America's Next Top Model (CW): Feb. 28


From Israel: Is anyone on Grey's actually getting married?
Yes. And much sooner than you think! What did Vince Vaughn say again in that cult movie of his?

From Laura: Holy crazy Grey's cliffhanger! That was amazing. Dual proposal? Will Cristina say yes? What about Callie?
Let’s just say that, for once, there will be some happy news circling around Burke and Cristina.

From Valerie: Hi, Kristin! Would you be a sweetheart and answer me this? Is the chief going to leave Seattle Grace, and is the actor leaving Grey's? I know not many people pay attention to him, but I looove the chief and will be heartbroken if he leaves.
Okay, you guys, I talked to James Pickens at the SAG Awards, and I have to tell you, he scared the heck out of me. Maybe it's because he's such a good actor, but the words "You'll have to wait and see..." have never sounded so ominous. Here's a snippet of our convo:

Kristin Veitch: The chief’s wife has run off with another man! Are you gonna be hooking up with Meredith Grey's mama instead?
James Pickens: You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? [Between you and me, if looks could talk, the one on his face was saying, Ellis and Richard are so doing the horizontal mambo very soon.]
K.V.: The show is great, and you're such a good part of it. You're not leaving just because the chief is retiring—
J.P.: You'll have to wait and see.
K.V.: Don't say that! No, seriously! [At this point, I'm actually begging him to allay my fears—just the teensiest smidge.]
J.P.: You'll have to wait and see.

(Gasp, rinse and repeat the last two lines four to five times for the gist of our interaction.)

From Ned: What's up with those wack-ass Grey's Anatomy teases for upcoming episodes? It looks crazy! Is there a biohazard or something?
Yes, bloody hell! How crazy was that promo? From what I’ve heard, it’s a bloody good episode. You’re going to bloody freak! And yes, there is something bloody poisonous, and it may have to do with a bloody cancer patient on chemo—and it forces the doctors into sort of a sick game of bloody musical chairs. (Could I beat you over the head with the "bloody" hints any more obviously? Ha!)

From Jackie: Are Mer and Der going to break up? We're hearing rumors of this argument. Is that the "one thing we thought Grey's Anatomy would never do"?
That is not what I was talking about, no. (Isn’t it sort of expected that they’ll break up at some point in the next umpteen seasons?)

From Lawrence: What can you tell me about 24?
Chad Lowe won’t be crossing paths with Jack Bauer anytime soon. And although Chad’s been filming for some time now (his character debuts tonight), he told me he hasn’t yet worked with Kiefer. "I’ve been told it is not a bad thing that my character and Kiefer’s character have not met yet, because I might die when I meet him." Also, I talked to the oh so charming Gregory Itzin at the SAG Awards, and he confirmed that he reprises his role as President Logan "for more than one episode." And Eric Balfour had this to say about his character: "Milo is going to have to go out into the field, and it’s going to get rough."

From Andy: When is Audrey coming back on 24?
I asked Kiefer just that very question and here’s what he (semi-revealingly) told me: "I certainly think it is a possibility she’ll return, but certainly, from a character perspective, one of the things he had to endure over his stay in China was that he had to give up hope to anything. The greatest thing he had to let go was his daughter and his hope for a life with Audrey, and I think that was the most painful thing for him."

From Amy: On the last episode of 24, did you notice that Gray's son resembles Jack? Gray said to his wife, "Are you hoping Jack comes over?" basically saying they had an affair. I think their son is really the product of the affair Jack had with Rena Sofer's character!
Whoa. Holy crap! I hadn’t thought of that! All I know is that I did ask Rena Sofer about her character at the Fox party and whether she would be making out with Jack Bauer, and she said, "I don’t know how to answer that." Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

From Kelly: Is there any hope for us Jam fans out there? We've had no good Office scoop in a while. Can you spill anything?
I know Karen is confronting Miss Beesly this week and giving her the third degree on Jim, so we get a little more intel on Pam’s feelings at this point. Unfortunately, I have a little intel of my own, and a very credible source is saying that Roy could quite possibly come back into the Pam picture at Phyllis’ wedding. A rekindling of their relationship is not out of the question. Arghhh!

From Melissa: Are John Krasinski (Jim) and Rashida Jones (Karen) together in real life?
No, they are not together now. Ignore my previous speculative delusions.

From Michael: The Office was a rerun this week!  WTF?!
No worries, because they’re back this week with an all-new ep and it’s all about Phyllis’ wedding shower, which Michael decides is the perfect occasion to invite an exotic dancer to Dunder-Mifflin! 

From Courtney: Got anything on where Skate's going when Lost returns?
You see that Kate does have very strong feelings for Jack. And they are sorta kinda displayed in front of Sawyer.

From Thomas: Smallville, please? Any hope for us after that Clana annoyance from the last episode?
First, let me say that I loved last week’s episode. So good! And so reminiscent of that Alias ep with Syd in the loony bin, no? I thought it was amazing—any opinions about Clana versus Chlark aside (I’m too smart to weigh in on that). The good/bad news is that I know there definitely is a wedding going down (in fact, I almost went to it—true story!—as an extra), but I’ve also heard there might be some more Clana kissing coming up.

From Patrick: Any Veronica Dish? Will Veronica ever forgive Logan?
It’s not looking good for LoVe, my friends. Sorry! However, I also just caught up with Julie Gonzalo (Mac’s roomie, Parker) and she hinted that things are looking up for her in the romance tomorrow. "Up until now, it has been tragedy after tragedy for her, and now I might get a love interest, so it’s exciting when you get a new script and it’s like, ‘Yes, I am not crying today.’ I’m gonna be happy and have love!" So, it looks like romance for Veronica’s pals (how cute was Mac’s new love interest?) but not so much for Miss Mars herself for the time being.

From Kate: I love me some Friday Night Lights! Any info?
Ditto! The ladies are taking the field this month for a little powder puff action and guess who’s making a new pal? I’m told Miss Tyra takes a liking to little Julie Taylor...much to Tami Taylor’s dismay. But that’ll take a backseat to football, of course. It’s playoff season, and the Panthers get off to a good start.

From Yuni: Any scoop on Prison Break? The show doesn't have the same zip it did last year, but I'm still hooked.
Paul Adelstein (Kellerman) teases: "It’s going to be interesting when Sara comes back into the fold, because we have a history. But the boys don’t know that we have a history, so that will be a tough gig." And Sarah Wayne Callies adds: "Michael doesn’t know that he tried to kill me, and I don’t think that will go over real well. I don’t think that would be something I would get over real fast."

From Rebecca: I really need some One Tree Hill scoop.
What’d you guys think of the addition of Stephen Colletti last week? Thumbs up? Down? Sideways? Well, regardless, he won’t be sticking around long. S.C. told me at the CW party he’s doing "a couple episodes." He added, "I am not relocating there or becoming a regular or anything. But the character has a good run." Long enough to lose his V card? We’ll see!

From Brendi: I know The O.C. has bee canceled, but I hear the CW may pick it up. Is there any truth to that rumor? The O.C. has gotten so much better since the addition of Taylor. I really hate to see it go.
The O.C. is officially over, and it is not going to the CW. Sorry! I just ran into Ms. Taylor herself—Autumn Reeser—and this is what she says about the end: "It’s going to be a real finale. We’re going to see what happens in these people’s lives after we leave them, and it’s just going to be closure, which is rare when a series gets taken off the air so quickly. So, in this case they got to write something really good."

From Lourdes: Any dish on Ugly Betty?
Someone is coming out—and it is so not shocking who it is! Also, you saw that kiss between Hilda and Daniel in the promo, right? Shocking! Also, I hear an Angel is coming to the show. Okay, a Charlie's Angel. Lucy Liu joins the show Feb. 15 in a two-episode guest spot as Grace Chin, a woman whom Daniel once stood up. And naturally, he now needs her help, so I'm guessing that's not going to go too well for him!

From Madison: I love Lincoln Heights on ABC Family. It's sooo good. Do you know any spoilers?
I know Cassie and Charles are heating up (yay!), and by episode six, papa Eddie isn’t so sure he likes that idea.

From Tbones: How great is 30 Rock lately? Love it! Any scoop?
Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy are going on a date! Yeah, that’s right. This week. But I don’t think he’s getting lucky, call me crazy. However, it seems love is in the air at TGS, ‘cause I’m also hearing that Kenneth, the page, and Cerie, the assistant, could be hookin’ up (which Dr. Anna Graham totally predicted, FYI)!

Got a Q? Click on Ask Kristin at left, then check back next Tuesday to see if your question is answered. 

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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