How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan


Skeet Ulrich. Alyson Hannigan. And Plinko!

Now that, my friends, is a star-studded line-up. And it is exactly what's on tap at the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena, California, where we TV reporter types are holed up in a ballroom, ready for CBS' press day to unfold. Up first, the executive session, followed by a panel with Jericho, a Bob Barker farewell party (with today's biggest star, Plinko—and, yes, we get to play it!) and a little get-together with CBS stars (including the cast of How I Met Your Mother—woo-woo!).

Truth told, it's one of the lighter-ish days here at Press Tour, which, let me tell you, I can use after last night's NBC party. I ended up hanging out late into the night with the likes of David Denman (Pam's ex, Roy); Zachary Quinto (yes, Sylar—I'm a brave soul!) and Leonard Roberts (D.L.), whom I both completely adore now; and my dear Masi (Hiro), who is always a treat. He was completely engulfed by reporters all night long, but made time to reminisce about our good ol' roulette days. (Leonard also told me about a crazy bike accident that nearly killed him—remind me to tell you about that in our next chat.)

Okay, executive time. Right now, CBS president Nina Tassler is boasting about how CBS is the most watched network, blah, blah, blah (yeah, CBS, we know you're solid!) and saying they're still deciding on the summer schedule. Big Brother is the only sure pickup, and she doesn't yet know if Rock Star will be back. Boooo...

As for The Class, the show is getting slightly retooled to focus more on three romantic relationships. (Like Friends? Makes sense, since it's from a Friends producer.) Tassler says the show will run out its season somewhat early, and beyond that, its future is not yet known. 

Ruh-roh. Bad news (possibly) for Lost. Criminal  Minds is airing after the Super Bowl this year, and Tassler says she's excited about what it could do for Criminal's viewership, given what happened with Grey's Anatomy.

10:00 Update: Phew! Tassler says William Petersen is contracted to CSI next year.  Liev Schreiber is not a replacement for him. Still, they are very excited Liev is joining the show.

Tassler says there are no plans to air Showtime's Dexter on CBS (both networks are owned by the same parent company), because it's "too gnarly." Hmph. I guess she's right. 

12:15 Update: The Jericho session just ended, and I'm not feeling so well. It could be last night's sushi, but more likely it's this little alarming fact we all just stomached: Jericho is following "the Lost model." I know, I know. You might be feeling a little nauseous now, too, so chug a little Pepto before you continue...

According to the show producer Carol Barbee, Jericho's main questions will  be addressed by the end of the season (yay!). We'll know more about the identity of Lenny James' character (Rod), where Skeet's character was all that time (before the show started) and even who was behind the bomb. But (and here's where the bubble bursts) according to Barbee, none of the big mysteries will be resolved, and there will be "many more questions." Ay! How many unanswered Q's can one girl take when it comes to her favorite shows?! That's it. I'm gonna start watching Jeopardy!

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