Welcome to week two of the blind-riddle bonanza I like to call the Hump Day Stumper!

In case you missed last week’s bulletin, we’re doing this every Wednesday. I name no names. You come to your own conclusions. Everyone wins. Well, except Mr. Roper. Allow me to explain...

TV Tri-Oh! Hope you're sitting down for this one, 'cause it is jui-say, my lovely little tuberinos. It involves a certain celebrity couple—both have been on TV, and both I personally adore. We’ll call ‘em Jack and Janet, ‘cause, well, these two most definitely believe three is company. Sources close to these fun-lovin’ lovers tell me they’ve got a thing for the swing. (And I'm not talkin' 'bout playgrounds, darlings.)

Now, here’s where it gets scandalous. Sources tell me Jack and Janet are actually responsible for the demise of another celebrity couple—we’ll call them Mr. Roper and Chrissy (‘cause she’s far more the bombshell!). Word is, Mr. Roper found out Chrissy had a little playdate with Jack and Janet and did not approve—to say the least. So, he gave her the boot.

Got guesses? Come and knock on our comments-room door! Where, naturally, the kisses are hers and hers and his. Hee!

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