Christian Bale, The Dark Knight

Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros. Entertainment

About how much does it cost to make a movie like Batman?

First of all, it's The Dark Knight. Batman is a happy dasher in tights. The Dark Knight is bleak and angry and brooding and may or may not have beaten up his mom for the sake of a better Gotham. And the answer is about $180 million.

Shall we continue with your Burning Q's? Flash that B!tch Signal!

The last news we got of Patrick Swayze's health was in May. Please follow up on his health condition.

He's a miracle, dude. He doesn't know why.

Who are the "sources" or "insiders" or "according to a close friend" who are quoted in stories about celebs? Are they really that close to the stars?
—Elizabeth, Minnesota

Often, it's just the publicist not wanting to take the responsibility for going on the record.

Have any celebs donated or held fundraisers for the Midwest flood victims?
—Lynne, Durham, N.C.

If you're a fried-up '80s prog-rock fan, then yes. REO Speedwagon held a benefit concert. If you think that Burning Q was a barn burner of investigative journalism, just wait and see the other answers I have spent minutes months researching for you!

Is it true that Universal is going to make a Wicked movie?

The studio has said it really wants to do it.

"Our goal now is absolutely to make the Wicked film," production honcho Donna Langley recently told Variety, "but...[producers] Marc [Platt] and Stephen Schwartz are very mindful of the right timing. But we're dying to do it."

Translated: They'll make the movie, but only when they've got enough panting hausfraus willing to pay for movie tickets.

A.B., I just have to ask—is Katherine Heigl known as a bitch around Hollywood? Love you!

Yes, she is. At least among the Grey's Anatomy writers, who, per Entertainment Weekly, would just love to kill her off. Then again, I'm known as a bitch around Hollywood, too, but I just keep rackin' up the fans on my Facebook page.

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

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