Dawn Wells, Katie Holmes


We all know how much Tom Cruise loves the exclusive, sci-fi based club Scientology, but he may be part of an even more shadowy group: The cult of Gilligan's Island. If obedient wife Katie Holmes's new look is any indication, and the compliant lass is no slouch in the Pleasing Tom Dept., she's using Mary Ann as a blueprint. Imagine the fun the couple must have...T.C. in his Gilligan outfit, trying not to fall out of the hammock as, well, you get the idea.

Dawn Wells, Mug shot

But seriously, yachting caps off to Tom and his Cruise control. The earthier half of the show's stranded sex kittens was quite the dish (massive respect to Ginger, though Island-geek smart money is always on Mary Ann for pure heat). And let's face it, foxy, doe-eyed Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann) was owner/operator of the Daisy Duke look before Jessica Simpson filled her first diaper.

However, word to Katie, who no doubt reads The Soup Blog more often than Dianetics: The Ghost of Mug Shot Future reveals a look that even that salty old seaman the Skipper would skip.

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