Just 'cause Casablanca's still out of the casa de goss, it doesn't mean the celeb scoops stop! While you were way distracted by Sarah Jessica Parker's two-tier hat at her flick's premiere, another sexy Sex star stepped out on the scene. Plus, one particular piece of Reese Witherspoon ain't so sweet and delicious...and take a hike, Hyde, 'cause it turns out a toy store filled with dolls is the most happenin' hot spot in T-town—and we don't mean the Hustler store.
Angelina Jolie

Paul Morigi/WireImage.com

Some stars come off as so benevolent and compassionate for causes of all kinds, you'd swear they would be your best friend (and spiritual advisor) if only the two of you met. Surely a gal who's always altruistic would be the best person to listen to you bitch about boys over brunch, right? Angelina Jolie’s bounty of constant globe-trotting pretty much trumps everyone's attempts at procuring world peace, even while pregnant...the show-off.
Reese Witherspoon

Donato Sardella/WireImage.com

A more down-to-earth example is Reese Witherspoon, another constantly caring cutie whom we’d love to share a friendship bracelet with. Reesie simply radiates tons of appealing attributes—Oscar winner, doting mother, looks divine even after a divorce and is seen gallivanting around town with her Gyllen-pal. Plus, R.W. recently acted as the honorary chair for the Avon Foundation’s Breast Cancer walkathon. Wither-babe’s heart must surely be the size of a watermelon, right?

Maybe not.

Our Desk Dee-Cee, who acted as part of the crowd-control crew for the Washington walk (and who had participated for several years as a walker and supporter), was told all hush-hush that Ree-Ree would be walking the last mile or so, so the crew could keep an eye on her lest any of the walkers turn into autograph seekers midstride. Turns out R Dubs wasn't seen stepping an inch of the 39-mile, two-day walk. Gal just showed up at the closing ceremonies and spoke about how “exciting” and “awesome” the whole event was, soaking up all the energy vicariously, it seems.

Sure, a celeb’s name and face bring out the big crowds, not to mention the big cash. And cancer can’t be cured by good intentions alone—financing is always part of the problem, unforch, which means any way money can be made should be considered if it results in more research.  But couldn’t this supposed sweetheart have found the time to actually walk a few measly miles for the cause she’s the friggin’ face of? Don’t just slap your smile on a charity and call it a day, babe. We know Reese-hon’s got the bod for a couple of kilometers, and what’s wrong with a little fresh air? Lord knows there isn't enough of that in Hell-Ay.
Gwen Stefani

Larry Bussacca/WireImage.com

Gwen Stefani, stopping by the American Girl store at Hell-Ay tourist trap the Grove, keeping company with some companions and cutie-pie Kingston. Gwen-doll donned a pink top over her baby bump, accessorizing with some bright red lipstick, 'natch. Her ultra-adorable son pushed a baby stroller around the store while G.S. shopped, sadly sans her sexy spouse, Gavin Rossdale. The employees and customers couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing the Hollaback Girl in person. Ain’t this T-town we’re talkin’ about? You’d think every last resident would be so over seeing stars at this point. Also getting into the American Girl spirit were...
Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.com

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, dropping by the dollhouse with their two kids in tow. Benny-boy, who our source says is even shorter than expected (no wonder he's playing Tom Cruise's brother in upcoming buddy pic Hardy Men), kept it casual in jeans, a T-shirt and a baseball hat, as if a cap could conceal his identity to onlookers. His wife-unit was as glammed up as a grandmother, wearing a long navy blue skirt with white polka dots and matching it with a matronly sweater. The Dodgeball duo, who were supersweet to the staff, bought clothing for their daughter and some non-gender specific stuff for their son who prolly wanted to get out of the girly store pronto. Taking in their own talents on the other side of town were...
Robert Downey Jr

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPress.com

Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, checking out their own flick Iron Man with the normal folk at the Bridge cinemas in Hell-Ay. Both Jonny F. and Robbie D. rocked some dark sweaters (it’s been chilly in H'wood—whatev happened to that global warming thing?) and RDJ wore some khakis emphasizing his quite cupable booty, claimed our drooling source. The blockbuster’s star and director walked through the lobby postscreening, and all the ogling theatregoers pumped up from the pic began clapping for the pair. We hope it was a dramatic, slow clap that built into thunderous applause in true movie fashion. Accumulating less adulation elsewhere was...
Christian Siriano

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Christian Siriano, partying the night away with pals at Lotus nightclub in En-Why-Cee’s Meatpacking district. Chris & Co. partook in some posh bottle service while shacked up in their VIP booth, tho C.S. himself seemed to be enjoying it less than his entourage. The fierce Project Runway winner mostly kept quiet, holing himself up in the corner booth, acting like a “hot tranny mess” most of the evening, so to speak. Whassup, Chrissy? No energy to spare when the cameras aren't rolling?
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