It's no secret that Courtney Love has issues--and punctuality has proven to be one of them.

The America's Sweetheart singer arrived in court two hours late Tuesday for a hearing on felony drug charges.

Once Love was finally seated at the defense table, she cheerfully greeted the judge presiding over her case, saying, "Hello, Judge Fox."

From there, however, her mood took a downward spiral.

Love's latest lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, was granted a delay in the case in order to review additional information. It's the fourth time the preliminary hearing has been pushed back.

However, Love didn't seem to appreciate her lawyer's management of her case.

At one point she turned to Rosenstein and informed him, "You're fired."

Superior Court Judge Elden Fox curtly reprimanded the singer, saying, "Miss Love, you're not doing yourself any favors."

"Rehired," Love responded.

It wasn't Love's only outburst of the day. Upon spying Celebrity Justice reporter Pat Lalama, Love walked over and handed her a copy of A History of Women.

Love indicated to Lalama that a chapter on female journalists was listed in close proximity to those on prostitutes, witches and criminals. Lalama said later that she thought Love was trying to make a joke.

Love also announced to the court that she was carrying pill bottles with her, apparently in the hopes of proving that she had prescriptions for the hydrocodone and oxycodone that she is charged with possessing illegally back in October.

Unfortunately for Love, the judge was not impressed.

At the end of the brief hearing, Love inexplicably dissolved into tears.

The singer was arrested Oct. 2 after police found her attempting to break into her ex-boyfriend's home and charged her with being under the influence of a controlled substance. Later the same night, she allegedly overdosed on painkillers.

The next installment of Love's dramatic legal proceedings is scheduled for April 15, when her preliminary hearing is set to take place.

However, she'll make a TiVo-worthy return to the small screen Wednesday night as a guest on David Letterman's Late Show.

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