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Hey, kids! It's good to be back on the West Side and back to our usual Monday Q&A fun times. I missed you last week! (Though John Krasinski did ease the sting.) We have quite a few juicy questions to delve into today, so let's dig in...

Wendy in Seattle: Any word on The Hills? I cannot stop watching and obsessing about that show. Please help me!
I'm currently working with the scientists at Cal Tech to develop medication or shock therapy for this ailment, as I have it, too. I'll keep you posted. Not sure if this should technically be in the spoiler section, but sources close to the show tell me that Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti (also seen on One Tree Hill) are "heating up" in their "rekindled romance!" Holla! And get this: Word is, Stephen may actually be moving to Los Angeles to live with Lauren this summer during One Tree Hill's hiatus. Juicy, no? Says the source: "They're doing really well together."

Marcus in New York: Will everyone be back on Lost next year?
No, they won't. Obviously I can't spoil who, but I will give you a few more details in the spoiler section, if you keep reading.

Tonya in Kansas City, Kan.: How cute were Michael Scott and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan). I mean, come on. Finally, someone who gets Michael's jokes. Is Amy going to be back for more episodes next season?

Amy Ryan

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It was love at first Yoda impersonation! For me, anyway. Plus, Holly and "Special K" Kevin were freaking priceless! I checked on this for you, and the official word from the NBC rep and Amy's rep is that nothing's been decided for sure about her status next season...Still, an inside source who works on the show tells me, "Oh yeah, we have to see her again next season. She'll be there for sure." Awesome, yes? (P.S. I luuuhhhved that finale, despite the Jam letdown. You?!)

JBV in Escondido, Calif.: Any word on The Office spinoff? 
I still can't shake this feeling that it could be Jim and Pam in the big city...Bonkers, right? But she's going to art school, and if Ryan does happen to return and hear that message Jim left, he could be packing up his desk. Argh! But I'm sure that's a ludicrous idea, 'cause the OG Office needs them. I also know the initial plan was to bring in a new person (i.e. Rashida Jones) to Dunder Mifflin Scranton and then spin off that person, but because of the strike it didn't pan out. I'm also told by a source, "The rumors that it's definitely Dwight or it's definitely Andy are false. But it is someone who will be taking a big risk." (Duh on that second part. Though I do trust Greg Daniels and Mike Schur, the producers of the spinoff, fully.) Anyway, I might die if someone doesn't tell me soon, so weigh in with any theories in the comments below, OK?

Lindsay in Atlanta: I am a little miffed at you, Mrs. Dos Santos. When it comes to TV watching, you are my go-to girl. If you tell me to watch it, I do. So, I'm miffed that now that Moonlight is gone, and I'm hooked. You have given us nothing to sooth our broken hearts. Where is your gritty (but always polite) interview with those evil CBS bosses? Give us something please!
I did talk to CBS president Nina Tassler last week at the CBS upfront about the cancellation of Moonlight, a show so many fans loved passionately, and she defended the decision, saying, "Once we got back up on the air it was about the numbers and the ratings, and we were just struggling a little bit. I loved the show. I personally love the show. I love working with Alex O'Loughlin and Joel Silver, and I just think we had to make some very tough decisions. It was hard." Not half as hard as it is for the fans who went to great lengths to save this series, Nina! Just sayin'! I'm also working on getting an exit interview with one of the stars or producers for later this week, so stand by.

Kayla in Albany, Ore.: I am freaking out. Can you please verify that Eric Kripke was kidding around about Jensen Ackles leaving Supernatural and being replaced with Chad Michael Murray? I love Supernatural with every fiber of my being, and I don't want to see it in the fall without Jensen!
He was totally kidding. Our beloved Jensen will definitely be back on Supernatural. CMM will be thousands of miles away in North Carolina. Promise.

Laura Vandervoort

The CW / Kharen Hill

Sam in Tel Aviv, Israel: Is Laura Vandervoort really out of Smallville next season, or is it still up in the air? I really like her, and they could have done so much more with her!
I'm told she isn't going to be a regular, but they're hoping she'll be able to return and guest star in an episode or two. Meanwhile, if you're a Laura Vandervoort fan, hang in there for Into the Blue 2. Audrina from The Hills, who has a small part in the movie, is getting all the press, but Laura's the lead!

Holly in Pilesgrove, N.J.: First of all, I want to say how much I love your page and all the work that you do! You keep us TV fans so informed! I was curious about the status of Notes from the Underbelly? Is it returning, or has it had its last curtain call?
Sadly, there was no sign of it at ABC's upfront, so it's gone for good. 

Talia in Surrey, British Columbia: Now that the upfronts are over, can you make a big list of the shows that are getting a new season and a list of the ones that were canceled? Even if you just did one of the shows canceled that would rock. At this point I am very confused. Thanks!
You got it! Check back later.

Sonia in Madison, Wis.: After hearing you rave about the show Dexter and always trusting your wonderful taste, my husband and I finally got around to renting it, and let me tell you: We watched eight episodes in two days. Wow! If this show gets canceled I will die. Just die! Does it have a solid viewership? I hope so! Anyway...thank you so much for the tip.
You're so very welcome, and if it helps, I talked to David Zayas (Angel Batista) at EW's upfront party, and he told me that production on season three of Dexter begins next month. Yay! 

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Malik in Bangkok: I love Lost! Is anyone going to die in the season finale?
I can tell you that a series regular who has been on the series since the first season will not be back next season (season five). According to inside sources, this person's contract has been put into a holding deal and the plan at this point is to have him or her return for season six. Guesses? (OK, I'll spare you the frantic emails: It is not Jack or Sawyer. It's a she.)

Wendell in Santa Fe, N.M.: Lost, girl! Spill! What can you tell me about the very end of this season?
Remember how I told you that time traveling and teleporting is most definitely happening?(Duh)  Well, let's just say that it's going to be happening on a much larger scale in the coming seasons. And if I tell you any more about that twist, I will break the heart of this sweet guy who's name rhymes with "Hey, mon" and karma will see to it that I return in the next life as grasshopper poo.

Zachary Quinto, Heroes

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Yessie in New Orleans: Heroes! Give me something!
Gladly! I will give you a bevy of video interviews with our favorites (Masi, Milo, Zach, Adrian, Sendhil, etc.) this week for a Heroes Week extravaganza, so keep checking back. In the meantime, I can tell you this doozy of a spoiler: Sylar slices open the head of the person you may consider the show's biggest star! That happens within the first two episodes and we also learn exactly what he does once Sy-baby pops the lid on our heroic pals, so let's just say that there is plenty to look forward to early on in season three. They are putting some big plot points and answers in motion, from what I hear.

Caro in Hamburg, Germany: I'm still shocked about the ER finale even though we all knew what was gonna happen...I bet it's Pratt that was in the ambulance, all he said in this episode ("Things fall into place," and that stuff) kind of hinted at him. When things are the best, that's when characters die, right?
All I can say is that Linda Cardellini—the other character who might have been in the ambulance—was out and about at NBC's Summer Press Day a couple weeks ago, promoting season 15 of the show. And Mekhi Phifer just signed on to do a movie. I'm not mathematician, but if I had an abacus I could probably figure this one out.

Blaire in Birmingham, Ala.: Do you have any Bones scoop on the season finale or season four? Please tell me Booth is OK!
Booth is OK. As for season four, according to Emily Deschanel, as far as she knows the season premiere is just going to be Booth and Bones together in London, with the squints back at the Jeffersonian doing research.

Michelle Trachtenberg

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Nelson in Miami: Gossip Girl! Spill it. You know you want to! XOXO!
Newsflash: I'm ridiculously excited for tonight's finale in which Rufus and Lily do the nasty. Lily walks down the aisle with Bart, and they both say Yes. (Scandaloso!) And Georgina will get her comeuppance, which makes me so happy you'd think I actually know the (fake) girl. Speaking of G, I can tell you that the plan has changed and that at this point, at least according to Michelle T and a CW source, there aren't any plans to bring her back. I don't know whether to laugh or cry 'cause I so love Michelle and love to hate Georgina.

Megan in Wilmington, N.C.: I was reading the spoiler chat and thought I'd let you know that they filmed the "hit by a car" scene from One Tree Hill outside my apartment a couple of weeks ago. I don't watch the show, so I'm not positive who the character is, but it was definitely a guy!
I sure hope it isn't anyone waiting for an organ transplant! But if it is, it would sure be a ringing endorsement for karma, right? Hey, kids! Don't kill your brother! And that's one to grow on...

America Ferrera, Freddy Rodriguez, Ugly Betty


Anna in Salt Lake City: I need some Ugly Betty scoop. I am personally a huge fan of a Betty-Gio hookup. Any hints as to when or if that is going to happen?
I can tell you that Ugly Betty is taking the Henry-Betty-Gio triangle down to the wire. One of the boys proposes in the finale, and the other one invites her to travel with him. In true TV fashion, at the end of the episode, we have no idea whom she leaves with, and we'll have to wait until next season to find out. Also, big stuff coming for Daniel in the UB finale. He'll lose something very important to him, and in a cosmic, karmic exchange, rediscover a part of his life he never knew he had.

Rachel in Arkansas.: Funny story. I'm sitting here in NYC at the Mansfield Hotel guest computer, and I think I stumbled upon an article you wrote about the ABC upfronts last week. Someone saved it on the desktop! I was hoping to find some superspecial inside scoop in there that didn't make the editorial cut, but no dice. Anyhoo—got any scoop on my boy Chuck? Are he and Sarah going to be hookin' it up anytime soon?
LOL. Yes! That's where I stayed last week. It's cute, no? Next time I'll plant some secrets there for you. As for Chuck, Yvonne (Sarah) told me that she's quitting the Weinerlicious and will be working somewhere else with an even better outfit! So clearly, it's just a matter of time before Chuck sticks his hands lovingly on the small of her back and whisks her away for a tango. (Hee.)

Erika in Mexico City, Mexico: ¡Saludos! Please, I need some Chuck news! Do you have any scoop of the new season?
James Bond is joining the cast! OK, not really, but the series will be bringing in a debonair former spy to tutor Chuck in the ways of high-stakes espionage. Post your dream casting in the comments below. 

Wentworth Miller

Bill Matlock/FOX

SunB: I can't wait for the return of Prison Break! When can I expect to see the new season? Also...maybe some scoop?
The new season of Prison Break is back Aug. 25, and they're introducing a new nerdy hacker character named Roland Glenn to join the boys for at least six episodes to help them fight the Company. He's a talker, this one, and his big fat mouth is going to get him into trouble…Also, Sara's back! I know you know. I'm just excited is all.

Jake in San Diego: Any scoop on Doomsday from Smallville?
Looks like Davis Bloome aka Doomsday is forming quite an interesting relationship with one Miss Lois Lane! Sources tell me the first time we meet Davis is when he is attempting to pick up Lois at Ace of Clubs. Still, don't expect things to get too steamy between the couple—I'm also hearing that Davis Bloome is something of a Jekyll and Hyde.

Tanya in Kalamazoo, Mich.: Give me some Clois scoop, please!
Could it finally be happening now that Lana is out of the picture?!  I'm hearing that during a conversation Lois admits that she is constantly thinking about a man who is described as "confusing, mysterious and oddly sexy." Huh! I don't know about you, but those words definitely scream Clark Kent to me!

Therese from New York: Brothers & Sisters scoop?
Sources tell me that Kitty has begun look for a replacement to take over her job. (Babies! I'm guessing they'll adopt...) Also, look for things to change at the family business when Saul unexpectedly resigns. (As long as Sloane, er, Saul sticks around on the show, I'm alright with that.)
Toni in Hawaii: My Boys is coming back soon! Who is P.J. going to be dating?
Ah yes, the big question that's been on our minds is, Who the heck was on the plane? Though I can't reveal that mystery, I can tell you that Kyle Howard said of Bobby and P.J.: "I'm not going to say that we're never going to hook up again." Ooh! So maybe our filthy rich friend was the one who bumped P.J. up to first class, eh? Also, when guest star Nia Vardalos stops by, she's going to be a [married] love interest for one of the boys.

Nip/Tuck, Julian McMahon

Prashant Gupta/FX

Nancy in Pasadena, Calif.: Nip/Tuck?
Christian's getting on the operating table, and that's not the shocking part: It's not for sex! Word is, our sexy doc will only be getting a boob job (pectoral implants).

Marie in Sanford, N.C.: Any other scoop on Army Wives season two? I can't wait until June 8; I really love this show.
Just saw the season premiere, and the bar does blow up, and people do die. Two of the dead are significant characters we've come to know well, and one of those deaths actually made me very, very sad. (Sniffle.)

That's it for today. Thanks so much for your fantastic questions.

Oh! And one final note: I wanted to let you all know that there will be no chat next week because of Memorial Day, and also, I'll be out of the country for vacation. It's a trip I planned long ago with a sizable group (college friends and significant others), so in the cruelest twist of ABC scheduling fate ever, I won't be here to watch the Lost finale. Gahhh! Hold me! (Truth told: I seriously considered canceling my trip, but the tickets were nonrefundable.) Anyway, the always fabulous Jennifer Godwin will keep you nice and warm with the Lost Redux and lots of other dish while I'm away, so please play nice and, as always, thank you for reading!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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