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Ryan in Brentwood, Calif.: Got any Supernatural dish?
I'm interviewing Supernatural show runner Eric Kripke on Wednesday morning, so hurry and send in your questions to, and I'll try to get you answers! 

Marcia in Chicago: Lindsay Lohan is guest starring on Ugly Betty? Be honest. How much does she suck?
Hey, now, I'm actually hearing LiLo is doing well so far! They just started shooting the season finale today, and Betty boss Silvio Horta, who penned the episode, says they are pulling out all the stops for the season ender (airing May 22). "There's a big Mode versus Elle softball game, and Naomi Campbell is wielding a bat and Wilhelmina's pitching. So there is definitely a rivalry there!" 

James in Virginia Beach, Va.: I'm really disappointed they are reducing Rebecca Romijn's role on Ugly Betty. Has ABC given any reason why?
I did get an explanation from Silvio, who said this of Rebecca's change to "recurring" status next season: "It's a soap, so there are going to be some characters who are going to have bigger roles than others at different times. [Rebecca] is still going to be part of the show. When we have her, we really want to use her to what she deserves. When we have a big ensemble, sometimes people just get the short shrift. But we want to use her to what she deserves and to the best of her advantage." Still, I for one will miss her. You?

Benny in Phoenix: Who is dying on Desperate Housewives? Is it someone big?
Nicollette Sheridan

Gregg DeGuire/

Big enough that Marc Cherry actually looked as though he might burst into tears while he talked about saying goodbye to—spoiler alerther! "I said goodbye to a couple of people," Marc told us, "and it really broke my heart, and I had to change storylines because of where the writing staff wanted to go, but that doesn’t make it hurt less when you have to say goodbye to an actress you love." So at least one of the big deaths is a female, and it sounds like the plan has changed. Any guesses? The obvious choice is Nicolette Sheridan, who's been rumored for months now...

Hilary in Ft. Collins, Colo.: Any chance Gary Dourdan will be back on CSI as a guest star next season?
At this stage in the game, it's hard to say, but I can tell you that the show is casting for a new investigator named Bryce Adams—he has a psychology background, which of course means he's more messed up than your average joe...he's just, you know, aware of his own insanity.

Heather in Miami: Any word on Eli Stone? I really hope that one sticks around!
I really don't want to jinx anything, but what I'm hearing sounds...hopeful. According to my sources, Eli is not likely to go the way of Elmo. (Awww, Men in Trees! I miss you already.) However, the cast and crew won't know for sure until ABC announces its new schedule next week in New York City. Eli star James Saito said: "Everyone has their fingers crossed, and we’re just waiting to hear."

Michelle Trachtenberg

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Kristi from Orange, Calif.: Thanks so much for all the Gossip Girl scoop lately! Any more info on Michelle Trachtenberg’s character?
It's honestly one of those storylines that is so insane, I don't want to spoil it. Sorry! I know, you hate me. But it's really, really good and worth the wait. Promise. As for Michelle herself, I can tell you that she's been fitting in quite well and insiders tell me she is expected back next season, because as Chace Crawford puts it, “She plays the bitch well.” Also, I just found out that Chace and Ed Westwick live together in real life. Now that’s a house that I want to hang out at. (P.S. Much more Gossip dish in the Spoiler section below. So keep reading!)

Whitney in Long Beach, Calif.: When does Dirty Sexy Money start up again?
September. And there are major changes afoot. "We'll be back on Thursday night, and we're airing 15 episodes, straight through to Christmas," William Baldwin told us. "We're doing a total relaunch of the show."

Morgan in Madison, Wis.: What's the situation with Women's Murder Club?
There are two more episodes left in season one, and I'm told the show will solve the Kiss-Me-Not Killer mystery in the season finale—not a cliffhanger in sight. What does the tying up loose ends mean for the future of the show? Only ABC president Steve McPherson can say for sure...

Janice in Milwaukee: Kristin, will you be in New York next week for the TV Upfronts? Make sure you keep checking in with us! We want the scoop on what's canceled. And say a prayer for October Road, OK?
Done and done! Yes, Jen and I will both be in New York for the TV Upfronts next week, covering all the events and parties, so be sure to keep checking back for breaking news and updates right here in this section. And email any questions you have to

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Yolanda in Rex, Ga.: Any Grey's scoop involving Hahn and Sloan? They are my new favorite couple.
But isn't she a le...ooker, a looker? Not that there's anything wrong with that! (Wink, wink.) I can tell you that Eric Dane (Mark "McSteamy" Sloan) has a nude scene in the finale. God bless you, Shonda Rhimes! Who he's gettin' naked with I cannot say, but obviously there is gonna be some steam involved. In other Grey's news, I'm also told that Ava/Rebecca is actually sick, and that will be a big storyline for both Alex and Izzie.

Erik in Long Island: Gossip Girl. Dish it, girl. Now.
Gladly. I’m hearing that Lily is a two-timing tramp—hoooray! Reliable inside sources tell me that Lily cheats on Bart Bass the night before her wedding with...Any guesses? It’s pretty obvious, right? Rufus! Still, the wedding goes off without a hitch. Hmph! Something tells me we’ll be seeing much more of this love triangle in season two. And this also raises an ethical question: Can Serena be with Dan if his daddy is also with her mommy? A wee bit creepola, no?

Alexandre in Toulon, France: Kristin! God I lose my French accent when I saw Jack and Kate hooked up! what happened? Please tell me it was a nightmare and Kate's heart still belongs to Sawyer!
Hee! Sorry, I had to include this question, 'cause it cracks me up. Who knew a TV show could make you lose your accent? But I hear you, mon petit fromage! Here's the thing: That spectacular kiss is still coming. In the season finale. Only a few weeks away. So let's all sit tight, OK? 

Ally in Ireland: Please tell me Sawyer doesn't die...He isn't one of the Oceanic 6?
Right, he's not. But Sawyer doesn't die. He's alive. On the Island.

Heather in Taos, N.M.: Is Locke still alive on the Island in the future? He has to be, right?
Yes. He is.
Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris ©2007 THE CW NETWORK

Bruce in Rhode Island: One Tree Hill is killing me! Will they just put Peyton and Lucas together already?
I feel ya! I can tell you that Lucas makes a call to either Lindsey or Peyton and suggests marriage again. In other news, someone’s gonna get hit by a car and Skills and Deb sleep together!

Tessa in New Orleans: They aren’t really going to kill off Dan on OTH are they? He’ll survive his condition or get a donor?
Did I mention someone’s gonna get hit by a car? 

Marcia in Baltimore: We need some Brothers & Sisters dish! I loved the video clips. They are all insane and I want to be their family. Is Rebecca definitely not a Walker?
DNA don't lie, babycakes! Or at least, not in this case. But if you've heard the rumors that there is another "R" who will be coming into the family, I can tell you they are true. It's a twist that will set up loads of drama for season three—which they are already filming—and will leave poor Nora Walker sobbing at the end of season two. Also, yes, there will be a kiss between two people who haven't kissed before.

Teddy in Atlanta: Are Scotty and Kevin really getting hitched? Any more scoop on the Walker finale?
They are indeed tying the knot, and it'll be a tearjerker. But first, Dave Annable said: "There may or may not be a pseudo bachelor party, which is pretty fun. We always love those scenes when they write the brothers together—the crew hates it, because all we do is play jokes on each other all day." Sounds like heaven to me! Sources tell me that pseudo bachelor party actually will be a road trip to visit Scotty's parents in an attempt to convince them to come to the no avail.

Jason in Dublin: I heard that the Hollywood goddess of beauty, Amy Ryan, is guest starring in the season finale of The Office. Do you have any info on her character?
According to Brian Baumgartner, "Kevin is involved in a plot to torture the new human resources person in the finale, so I got to work some with Amy Ryan, and it was really a lot of fun. He is involved, actually, but as is typical, he is not aware that he is involved in the hazing of Amy. But because Michael does not like Toby, he cannot like any of the human resources people, so they decide that they are going to make life difficult for her on her first day." 

Sara in Boston: What is going on with Michael and Jan?! Please tell me Jan will be back on The Office!
Brian said, "Melora Hardin, as far as I know, is still a part of the cast; although, Jan and Michael have broken up. Where their relationship is going to go, I truly do not know at this point." Seriously, folks, would the genius of Jan and Michael be allowed to wither on the vine? I think not. She'll be back. Bet on it.

Rainn Wilson

Todd Williamson/

Irene in Pittsburgh: I miss Angela and Dwight. Is there any hope?
All I can tell you is that Angela and Andy are still a factor in the story. According to Brian B., "Andy and Angela are a very interesting couple. Angela is given the job of throwing the goodbye party, but those duties get taken away from her. There's a little bit of a power struggle between her and Phyllis, and Andy factors into that a little bit as well. It's gonna be really good." Here's hoping Andy pisses her off and she heads back into the loving arms of Dwight!

Hannah in Niantic, Conn.: I'm jonesing for some info on the new season of The Closer.
When the new season begins, Brenda and Fritz are living together (as they were last season), only it's in a rented duplex, as Brenda sold her house in episode 15 last year.

Kerry Anne in Arlington, Mass.:  What's going on with How I Met Your Mother?
Flashback! We'll be meeting little Robin when she was 6 years old and her puppy suffered complications from a "canine-testudine cerebro-xenograft." I can't explain what that is because you have to see it for yourself. It involves puppies, turtles and childhood tragedy.

Erin in Tallahassee, Fla.: Are Lana and Lex both really leaving Smallville?
For better or worse, yes. And before they do—spoiler alert!—Lex will find the Fortress, and Lana will get better and then leave the town.

Marcus in San Diego: I saw your scoop on someone leaving ER. It's not Abby who dies is it?
No, it's not. Two people will be put in danger in this month's season finale, and then we'll find out who's six feet under in the fall. But it's not Abby.

Lara in Albuquerque: I'm loving Gates and Sam on ER. Any dish?
John Stamos
: "[Me and Linda's] real sex tape is not as crazy as the one we made for the show." (He kids!) (I think!) Sex tapes aside, Linda Cardellini says, "I think there's a chance that we might actually be happy, which is a huge change for my character, Sam. She's had a rough go of it." I'm hearing they are most definitely on next season.

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

NBC Photo: Nicole Rivelli

Erin in Villanova, Pa.: Any more 30 Rock scoopage you can share with us? The suspense is killing me!
According to Jack McBrayer: "We find out that Alec Baldwin is in Washington, D.C., working with Matthew Broderick, who is a guest star. And my character, Kenneth the Page, will be applying to be a page at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, and I face all sorts of obstacles with that. I had to learn Chinese! That did not go well at all." Oh my god I love that show. I would say it to you in Star Wars, but I don't know how.

Ryan in Montgomery, Ala.: Thank you for your Reaper post! I love that show, and it would kill me if it doesn’t stick around.
I feel you! And I have to say, it’s only getting better...I’m hearing of a huge twist involving Sam’s history that you won’t believe. Stand by for more on that! Also, I’m hoping to talk to Brett (Sam) and/or Ray (the big “D” man!) today or tomorrow, so please email any questions you have to

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin
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