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Well, well, wel...come Kristen Bell! So much to discuss about tonight's Heroes, including that the momentum is picking up, thanks to a certain new vixen whose power array includes braise, broil and roast. Let's dig in to the lip-smacking feast, shall we?


Kristen Bell Kicks Ass! (But We Knew That):  You've heard of electric eels? Meet Electric Elle—it's like our dear old pal Veronica had her taser genetically embedded into her body! I have to say, I loved every dang minute of K.B. on the screen and feel the show has reached new heights with her on board. You go, girl! The dialogue at the end of the episode left us wondering about Elle's dad (psst...I know, and we have met him), but I'm also curious to discover the identity of Elle's mother...In the meantime, thanks to Elle's handiwork, Peter's finally heading home. Yay!

Welcome to the Dark Side:  Based on that last scene, it seems like Mohinder is the new HRG. He's become a Company man who does evil in the name of protecting his family. Meanwhile, Matt has a very bad dad, and the original 12 seem to have a statistically significant proportion of evil psychopaths. Whee! Simone's dad and Hiro's dad are looking downright angelic at this point, no?

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: 
Monica and Micah are a wonderful team (perhaps they could be taken in by Matt, Mohinder and Molly and form an M-Team of supers?), but was anyone else concerned by her piano playing? She had suggested that her body does things before her mind thinks them, and then her piano playing seemed to be accelerating beyond her control. I worry that she may be in danger from her own power...But surely sexy Suresh can help, right?

Niki returned tonight, along with the suggestion that Jessica is not a power so much as a simple (okay, complicated) mental disorder. The implication seemed to be that Niki has two "problems": (1) She has a split personality, because of the double childhood traumas of violent abuse and her sister's death, and her main alter, Jessica, has no impulse control and violent tendencies, and (2) she has genetically gifted superstrength. Can Niki be "cured" of Jessica? Can she access Jessica's strength if she doesn't pair it with Jessica's lack of inhibition? I look forward to seeing if the Company actually can help her, if she's curable and/or if one of her personalities is just playing Bob like a fiddle.


Ruh-Roh:  Looks like Alejandro and Sylar aren't very good carpool buddies. Too bad poor Ale-babe doesn't know who he's messing with, because Sylar makes his intentions for the Wonder Twins known in the next episode. Let's just say both Alejandro and Maya have it coming to them. But they will each get a very different form of "it." And I'm completely speaking jibberish now, aren't I? Still, see if you can figure out what I'm talkin' 'bout in the Comments section below. And, oh, what the hey, I'll tell you a smidge more...

Get Ready for Mylar:  Yep, you heard me.

Claire-Bear Is Back:  Claire comes back front and center in the next episode, in which creepy West continues his creepy ways in "helping" her get on the cheerleading squad. Am I the only one who can't stand that guy? Where is Sylar when you need him?!

Isaac's Legacy Lives On:  In the next ep, HRG will discover paintings that show six upcoming shockers that involve Niki, Claire, Hiro, Suresh, a mystery person and Peter. One involves a murder and another involves a body bag.


From Emily in Goshen, Indiana: Are we going to see David Anders' Heroes character in the present? I remember when it was first announced he was cast, he was playing a very old guy named Kane. Was that changed, or are Kensei and Kane the same person and really long life is an extension of his healing power? I really want to see Anders and Pasdar share a scene. The hottness might just melt my television.
Grasshoppa, you smart cookie.


—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin



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