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How great was this week's Veronica Mars? Please dish!
So great that I had to immediately email boss Rob Thomas to rave, and also ask him two things: The name of that song playing when Logan and Veronica made up (loved it). And whether Piz gets any loving anytime soon (love him, too). His response? "Regina Spektor. 'Fidelity.' As for Piz, you'd have to drag that out of me." D'oh! Not like I thought he'd really answer. However, I am hearing some scoop on that very subject via another source, which I'll tell you about in the spoiler section. (P.S. Michael Muhney, aka Sheriff Lamb, just emailed out of the blue to say he spotted me on Heroes, and he wrote, "I figured I'd drop you a line, let you know that I have always appreciated your support and buzz of my show, mine and my coworkers' acting, so now it's my turn to say to you, you did very well." I'm sorry, I just had to share that because it was so unexpected (I mean, seriously, I had two piddly little lines!) and so kind!


How long will Logan and Veronica stay LoVely?  
—Kelly C.

I've heard from a spy that Logan and Veronica start running into problems in about three weeks, because he's playing games…the sort that are sometimes profitable and definitely addictive. So, it looks like the door may be open for Piz pretty soon. However, there are also rumblings that Piz may be getting a new love interest of his own.

I'm so confused! I see on IMDb.com that Leonard Roberts (Buffy's Forrest) supposedly has been on the last couple of episodes of Heroes. Did I miss him?

Whoa. Just whoa! I'm so glad you had me look into that, because I could have sworn I interviewed him in New York at the Upfronts in May, and lo and behold, I did. And lo and behold, he totally told me exactly what he plays! (Mind you, this was when the show was first announced and I knew nothing of it, so had no idea this was scoop.) Okay, Leonard told me: “I play D.L. Hawkins, a former inmate of a federal prison who discovers he has the ability to manipulate matter. Comes in handy at the federal prison, and I will be one of the few characters, by the time I'm introduced, that has full control of his powers.” I'm guessing he has to be Nikki's hubby/Micah's father, and it sounds like he'll need a lot less of an intricate plan than Wenty to break out!

Stop ignoring Weeds! I love that show! Please give us any dish you have on the last two episodes.
—Caroline Zee

Holy crap! I am so glad you asked, because I just watched the final two, and I'm honestly still having a hard time breathing. The last 10 minutes of the finale are unlike anything you've seen before on this show, and brings it to a level of such insanity and danger, you're honestly gonna die that you have to wait till next season to find out what happens! Here are a few hints: Someone dies; someone leaves the country; someone betrays the person closest to him—wait, no, make that pretty much everyone on the show betrays someone close to him or her. And there is a surprise hookup kiss that will make you laugh out loud. I can't wait for you to see the next two episodes (Monday nights on Showtime) so we can discuss. So, so freaking good. 

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