Sister Wives


Viva Las Vegas!

Both Kody Brown and his four wives hit the Vegas strip in tonight's episode of Sister Wives—but they didn't do it together! Yes, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn hit Vegas for a girls night out, while Kody later hit Sin City with three of his friends for a guys night out. Wrestling included!

So how scandalous were their respective trips? 

This week, the Brown family and the wives' trainer Bill decide to go into business together. What kind of business? A fitness center! Yes, the family is now scouting locations for their gym. Great, right? Well, the wives have been feeling a little stressed out. Christine reveals she had been suffering from anxiety attacks, partly because of the addition of Robyn; as she says, "a new wife rocks the boat a little bit."

So the women decide to have a girls night out while Kody stays home to help the kids with their homework—and to teach them not to sniff "paint, glue or markers." (Unless they're scented.) "I don't get a guys night out, but they're all out doing the bonding thing," he says. "I can't remember the last time I had a guys night out. It's been months."

After hearing a bit about the wives' wild time with "almost kisses" and a silver man, Kody says."If I didn't know the character of my wives, I'd say something wild is happening."

In the second episode of the night, Kody, Robyn and the rest of the wives go shopping for baby furniture as Robyn is due in about a month at this point. "I want all of the family to feel like this is their space to come in and spend time with Solomon, because Solomon is everyone's baby." Robyn reveals she thought she was "done" having kids after her first marriage failed, but now says she's not sure Solomon will be her last child with Solomon. 

Because the wives got their girls' night out, Kody decided to go out with his friends: Jeff, Shaun and the wives' trainer Bill. Turns out, Kevin, Shaun's brother is an MMA fighter and the boys decide to go check it out. Kody is extremely interested because he was a wrestler (state champion!) back in the day. Kody steps in the ring for some lessons with Kevin and worked on some takedown techniques. 

After the MMA fun-times, the guys headed to the Vegas strip for some dinner, but "no wild life and getting smashed" for Kody. The guys had a lot of questions for Kody, including ones about Robyn's divorce and whether or not he likes to spend time with one wife over the other. ("That is the trouble I have with the houses the way they are.") The only thing Kody was not comfortable being asked about? "Sex."

What did you think of tonight's episodes? 

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