Stephen "Steve-O" Glover

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Maybe working for Steve-O has made his bodyguard forget that most people don't enjoy the occasional blow to the head.

A former security guard has sued the Jackass daredevil and his muscle, Reggie Pace, for assault and battery, claiming Pace punched him when he refused to let their entourage into a West Hollywood boutique last summer.

"It's all about getting justice," Joseph Barrett, attorney for the plaintiff, Roland Cano, said in a statement Thursday. "Steve-O may believe he is someone special who can make his own rules, but he will learn that the same rules apply to him. He can't hide behind his friend in this fight."

According to his lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday, Roland Cano was hired to work the door at Kitson during an Aug. 16 party for the launch of Paris Hilton's new clothing line for the chichi shopping spot.

Cano recalls denying Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, entry to the boutique when he tried to get in with his pals and a camera crew filming the stuntmeister's USA reality show Dr. Steve-O. (USA Networks and parent company NBC Universal have also been named as defendants.)

Steve-O then said he was going to "go over everyone's head here in a moment" and subsequently pushed through the door along with Pace, who measures in at 6 feet nine inches, the plaintiff alleges, per documents obtained by

When Cano followed them into the store and tried to escort Steve-O back outside, Pace "leaned into plaintiff and without provocation violently punched [his] face and head repeatedly."

Steve-O's camp hasn't commented on the suit but, according to Cano's complaint, he said at the time: "I just had my dude rip that security guard's face…It was awesome…I just needed to see my security guard rough everyone the f--k up."

People will do anything to be on TV today, eh?

In addition to assault and battery, Cano is also claiming negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and negligent hiring and retention. He's seeking unspecified damages and attorney's fees.

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