Rumer Willis, Perez Hilton

Melinda Sue Gordon SMPSP, Tom Briglia/ZUMA Press

Bruce Willis isn't the only tough guy in the family. His daughter Rumer can take on mean bloggers with the same ferocity her dad disposes of, like, terrorists or whatever.

"Everybody has an opinion, and we live in America so you're allowed to," blog-fodder Willis told E! News, at a press conference for her new film The House Bunny.

So what's her secret weapon against nasties like Perez Hilton, who write about what plastic surgery she should have?

Her own self-esteem.

"As long as you are comfortable with who, you know, you really are," she said, "and your friends and the people that are around you know that, that's all that really matters."

Awww. That also just so happens to be the moral of House Bunny, about a former Playmate who gives a geek sorority hot makeovers.

"Hopefully, young girls will watch this and feel confident about themselves and go, 'OK, that girl's not entirely the ideal of what a perfect picture is supposed to be and she feels confident and beautiful, then I can too,' " she said. "If we can have the ability to do that, I'm very excited about that."

Blog about that, haters.

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