It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Michael Becker / FX

Fall-TV time's fast approaching, and as they're rearing up for their fourth season, the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia invited us on set for a sneak peak of what they've got in store this September. The perhaps overly bright stars—Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney and his costar/fiancée (so incestuous, huh?) Kaitlin Olson, gave us the giggles even moreso in real life, fer sure.

The season-four eppie we saw featured a musical with some rousing jazz-hands tunes about…pedophiles and rape. This ain't According to Jim, hon-pies—FX is a whole different ball game when it comes to censors, thank gawd.

In four jam-packed seasons, the Sunny foursome have lied about having cancer, purposefully hooked themselves on crack to get on welfare, picked up women at an abortion clinic and slept with each other's moms.

Is there any topic they just won't tackle? Yes:

"Scientology," says Rob. "That's just terrifying. We don't want to offend anyone there."

Humor and brains, a good combo to have, espesh when most folks are born without either.

Who gets the most offended, we gotta ask? "People who haven't seen the show—only people who have heard the topic," sighs Kaitlin, the lone female in the cast. "They didn't love it on The View. Whoopi used to be funny." Like those View gals are the ones to talk—Elisabeth Hasselback offends people on a daily basis.

Now that we, along with a few other tasteful critics, are giving you guys oodles of pretty press, our pleasure, there goes your cool cult status. Is that a sad thing to lose after being under the radar for so long? "If you're that popular, who cares if you're cool?" says R.M. "And I don't think we're that considered with looking cool. Charlie's wearing a yellow suit."

Hey watch it, bub, yellow's the color right now.

—With additional English-effin' reporting by Becky Bain

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