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Yeah, Hollywood's full of finagling femmes (and dudes), fer sure, but Bored Broomhilda sure takes the conniving cake. Not only has she used men in the past the way I go through adjectives, but now, Broomy's sweet guy has no idea she's, like, totally ready to dump him out with last night's leftover Caesar salad. 

And after all this tawk that B.B. was done with her man-mangling ways, what bosh!

Thing is, Bored's babe, an okay honey by the mattress-movin' name of Buzz Thrill, really doesn't have any idea whatsoever he's 'bout to get a stiletto right where he used to get far more supple attention from Ms. B, a pro at the ersatz nooky thang if ever there was one. See, B.B. really does, in the end (as it were), prefer the romantic type o' partner with less protruding genitalia. Hmmm. Does Buzz know he's just been a pawn in B2's masterminding machinations, all along?

Of course he does—he's not that much of a doofus, contrary to popular gab. It's just that, eh, how shall I put this? Like so many women say about gay men, B.T. thought he could change Broomhilda's ways. 

What a fool.

And it ain't:
Dax Shephard, Kate Hudson

Paul Fenton/ZUMA KPA, Stephen Lovekin/

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton

Jemal Countess/

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and husband

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA

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