Rick Solomon, Patrick Dempsey

Maury Phillips/Getty Images / Flynet

Patrick Dempsey, staying in character for the sake of his fans, such the little Heidi-ite, eh? P.D. was in Monterey, Calif., at the Historic Automobile Races at the Laguna Seca racetrack when two tots started yelling for the cutely coiffed guy. ‘Cept they screamed “Robert! Robert!” Demps-doll’s character name in the family flick Enchanted. Dempsey totally played along, flashing those adorable dimples while taking pics with the enamored kids. He even told them he’d “tell Pip you said hi” (another cutesy character in the film). Love when actors take the time to genuinely make a fan’s day. The girls’ just-as-charmed mom noted that the soaper’s hair was “really amazing” in person. Congrats, Pee, I think you’re officially the male Jennifer Aniston now. Getting greasier, less glam adoration elsewhere was...

Rick Salomon, over the Hell-Ay hill at E.G. Daily’s comedy show at the Universal City Walk. Elizabeth Daily, best recognized for her cartoon voices, is even better known as Ricky-boy’s ex-wife. Always keepin’ it classy, Paris sex-tape companion was dressed in jeans, flip-flops and a red tee with some sort of marijuana slogan slapped on it, très Pineapple Express. A pal of Daily’s swore she’d never seen R.S. at anything of the comedian’s until now. Hard to believe Liz would consider a second chance with the dude after watching his performance with the heiress, but hey, we’ve seen weirder things happen in T-town.

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