Matthew Perry, David Spade

Lester Cohen/Getty Images, Paul Fenton/ZUMA KPA

Matthew Perry, chitchatting on his cell phone outside Hell-Ay’s premiere posh movie place, ArcLight Cinemas on Sunset Boulevard, near archi-trend hot spot, Vine Street. Matty P. wore jeans and a black shirt, strolling around while on his cell. Was he seeing Tropic Thunder like everyone else? Hope he didn’t feel too envious that all his comedy colleagues were cast in the movie and he was stuck seeing it opening weekend. Wonder if he opted for Brideshead Revisited? Enjoying his evening apparently far more was...

David Spade, slurping a slice or two at Stone Fire Pizza Company in WeHo. Davey, in jeans, a tee and a moustache we def think is a super huge mistake, dined with a guy and a girl at the doughy place, ordering a vodka and tonic as soon as he plopped his skinny old ass down. But then Heather’s tabloid BFF quickly moved on to doing all-out shots. Wonder if D.S. is as concerned over Ms. Locklear as much as the rest of us, ‘cause our eatery eyes claims D.S. looked and acted “a bit out of sorts...not to mention he was sitting on his heels like a 6-year-old boy.” Guess he’s the same height as a 6 year old—may as well act like one, too.

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