Gossip Girl Cast, Lauren Conrad

Andrew Eccels/The CW/AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Lauren Conrad plays herself on an upcoming episode of ABC Family's Greek, but that's not the only show she may want to pop up on.

A Gossip Girl gig would be mighty awesome. "I love Gossip Girl," Conrad says. "I just love it. It's so gossipy and superficial. It's amazing."

On second thought, Conrad says she'd rather watch than participate. "I probably wouldn't want to see myself on there because it would ruin it for me," she explains. "I like watching other people get gossiped about. It makes me feel better."

Conrad certainly knows what it's like to be gossiped about. Read on for part two of my chat with the 22-year-old reality star...

It's nearly impossible to keep track of all the drama in her life. There's the long-running feud with Heidi Montag. They may never become friends again, "but I don't think we have a problem being civil," says Conrad.

Then there's her rocky relationship with Audrina Patridge. A television promo for season four shows Conrad in tears from the end of last season. She calls Patridge a "good friend," but teases that "things definitely get worse before they get better."

And of course, Conrad's love life is a constant topic of conversation.

She insists she's not dating her most recently alleged suitor Kyle Howard from TBS television's My Boys. "My love life is an absolute trainwreck," she says with a laugh. "And half of my friends are guys...It's kind of embarrassing, because you're out with a group of friends and the next day it says you're dating one of them and lap dancing, too. You have to say, 'You know, I'm sorry, but that kind of comes with the territory.' "

The one guy she doesn't mind gushing over in public is Pat Pedraja, a 13-year-old leukemia patient whom she befriended earlier this month during the Teen Choice Awards. She's taking him to the Emmys, where she's not only presenting but also designing dresses for the awards show's trophy gals. "Pat is so cute," Conrad says. "He wrote me an email and he was like, 'I know you probably already have a date, but just in case you don't...' He's adorable."

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