Tropic Thunder

Merie Weismiller Wallac/Dreamworks

What's with movies opening up on Wednesdays? First Pineapple Express and now Tropic Thunder as well.

The release date for Tropic Thunder actually was changed before that of Pineapple Express.

According to Chad Hartigan of Exhibitor Relations, movie ticket sales gradually slow down as August progresses. So the Thunder people decided to open a few days earlier, to sell as many tickets as possible among the coveted teen-male crowd before they all started heading back to school.

Then the Pineapple people found out what the Thunder people were planning. Like Thunder, Pineapple is aimed at the teen-male audience. But now it would have only five days in theaters before Thunder moved in. So the Pineapple people, too, moved back their date, Hartigan speculates, so that it could a few more days to itself.

Now, on to more of your Burning Q's!

Do you think that Britney Spears can ever really make a comeback?

Personally? Yes. She seems quite lucid and upright in her commercials for the VMAs. She has been hitting the gym. She has won visitations with her sons. She is working with Madonna, creating a video for the upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. In fact, if you ask me—and you have—Britney's comeback has already begun.

Any idea how long The Simpsons will be on the air for? Are they going to stop making episodes anytime soon?

Nope. Season 20 starts in September, and the show has already been renewed for Season 21.

You never answer my questions! What's up with Carrie-Anne Moss these days? Will she be Trinity from The Matrix for the rest of her life?

All right, already. She's currently filming something called Hanging Out Hooking Up Falling in Love, which, I am assuming, has a wardrobe that is not nearly as cool as Trinity's. Can I go now?

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