Hayden Panettiere

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Our garish ‘n’ glossy new look here at the A.T. has got us feelin’ refreshed and way youthful—sans Botox, we swear—so we decided to check out the Teen Choice Awards at the Universal Gibson Amphitheatre. “Hot!” exclaimed pretty-in-pink (and just about everything else) Hayden Panettiere, when we asked how she was feeling. The (global) temperature was def the first thing on everyone’s minds, except maybe the Jonas Brothers. Lucky li'l lady Meaghan Martin worked with the three mop-topped male sibs in their hit family flick, Camp Rock, and had nothing but wonderful words to tell us—we’re just happy she didn’t scream about them like most Jo-Bro fanatics we run into do. “I love them! I heard some people say they have egos, which is ridiculous. They are the most down-to-earth, humble, sweet guys I’ve ever worked with.” Don’t let new Miley-to-be Disney kid Selena Gomez hear your sweet swooning over rumored BF Nick Jonas—tho S.G. had better get used to her boyfriend’s undying attention in every teen’s dreams.

All this love from frenzied fans (all before you’re allowed to drive) must be a drag, right, Meg? “The worst part is definitely the crap we get for fashion,” bitched M2. “I’ll wear something to an event that I really like, and I’ll get home and look on the Internet; it’s like ‘What was Meaghan thinking?!’ It can knock your ego down.” Well, we think Ms. Martin’s supercute getup for the event was age appropriate and elegant. No Lohan near-slut-misses here, babes. Also,19-year-old rap phenom Lil Mama agreed that the public is far too eager to pooh-pooh you, even if you’re a kid. “You have a lot of people watching you,” she told us. “It feels so good to be able to reach your goal, but at the same time you have people blowing it out of proportion. They forget that you’re a teenager, that you’re a child.”

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