Dr. Horrible, Comic-Con 2008

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The Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog panel at Comic-Con was as amusing as you would expect, but there were some extra-special moments that I had to share. (My faves, you may have different ones.)

Funniest Misunderstanding: When actress Felicia Day said during the panel, "I'm Twittering under here," it actually wasn't a euphemism for, you know, self-love. Still, from that moment forward (after a lot of ribbing from the boys), Felicia kept her hands on the table at all times...

Finest Call to Revolution: Creator Joss Whedon regarding the Dr. Horrible business model: "This really was designed to be a model for a new way to put out media. A new form of artistic community that involves all of you guys and all of us and maybe not so much some other people. Dr. Horrible is about putting power in different hands—the wrong hands." Or to put it another way (which you guys might appreciate): "Can't stop the signal." (Boo-yah!)

Most Astute Observation: When a questioner called NPH "Doogie" at one point, Nathan Fillion pointed out, "Neil Patrick Harris actually invented the blog." And then he made a typey-type hand gesture that reminded us, hey, Doogie did kind of invent the blog...so young, so genius!

Best Exchange Between Actor and Writer: "It's actually is shaped like a little hammer," Nathan said of his you-know-what, which obviously is referenced in the show. Then, realizing that could be taken a different way, he added, "I mean, little for a hammer. I showed Joss that one day, and he won't shut up about it."

"That was a great day," Joss mused. "The day you got the part of Mal."

Any highlights that stood out for you? Tell the fellow fankids in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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