Elizabeth Hasselbeck


Is it just me, or does Ashlee Dupree look like Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
—No Name Given

I agree that the two share a general bridge-and-tunnel vibe, but beyond that, meh. Unless I'm wrong. Go ahead and let me know in the comments section. I, meanwhile, will move on and answer more of your Burning Q's!

Is the cast of Friends ever going to reunite for a movie?

Not according to a Warner Bros. spokesman and a Matthew Perry flack, both of whom quashed that rumor earlier this month.

Has Cashmere Mafia been canceled? What about The 4400?


Yiss. And yiss.

Did you know at Hannah Montana's concert, she was lip-synching? She's another Ashlee Simpson!

The Miley Cyrus lip-synching practice has been widely reported, and we're over it. "Aside from relying at times on lip-synching—the pop-singer safety net that's become common practice in concert—Miley Cyrus proved to be an entertaining dynamo during her sold-out Best of Both Worlds show," the Indianapolis Star reported last year.

Why is every other post on the eonline.com main page about Comic-Con?

Because Comic-Con is righteous, and because Comic-Con is like a geyser of geek news and dweeb news. But now it's over. Here! A picture of Nick Jonas!

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

And play E! Online's new Facebook game, Schmooze or Lose, 'kay?

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