Elizabeth Berkley, Showgirls

United Artists

As any exotic dancer can tell you—just ask ’em—it takes a lot of self-esteem to get naked for dollar-bill-tossing strangers. And it takes even more self-esteem to make a movie about such a refined, renegade calling, which is why Elizabeth "I’m not a whore!" Berkley is the perfect instructor for teens in search of self-worth. The Showgirl is now developing Ask Elizabeth for MTV, featuring the resilient actress work shopping on inner happiness and “body issues.” Techniques like stirring the pot, the queen’s wave and reverse cowgirl will presumably be on the curriculum as Liz instructs “girls around the country in their own hometowns,” allowing viewers to “watch as the events unfold,” said an MTV rep. Students will need to supply pen, paper and, presumably, Handi Wipes to sterilize the pole.

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