Saturday night the hipster infested joint, the Gladstone Hotel, was transformed into the Rockstar Hotel for a pre-MMVAs bash.

Flashing lights, short hemlines, a dose of rockstar swagger and hell of a lot of free swag—Yes, once the red carpet was rolled out, it was hard to differentiate if whether or not this was THE party of the weekend. It could be that Rockstar was the little sister that stole her older sibling's thunder?

With that being said, let’s get to the juice. There’s no other way to sum up the events of the night than by telling you, a la High Fidelity styles, the top five moments at Rockstar Hotel (& why it lived up to its much clichéd name).

Drunk & In Your Face—No, it wasn’t Jacob Hoggard of Hedley…To my surprise and to yours, of course, it was Jay Malinowski of Bedouin Soundclash. He was running around the place with a party favour in one hand and a drink in another—just having a drunken good time…Who could blame him?

You Ain’t No Liam Gallagher—Please check your egos at the door. Unfortunately that was not the case, as it was a night full of rockstar egos; some bigger than others—Hands down, the worst had to be Rainn Wilson of The Office. Yup, Dwight is no friend of mine. When a friend complimented him and playfully touched his arm, he didn’t respond too kindly. Instead he retorted with a snide comment. And that was the first of many negative Rainn stories I heard that night…

Karma’s a b*tch. Later that evening Rainn tried to get the attention of some blonde but was unsuccessful in his pursuit. Ha!

From B List to Z List—Ok, a few of the top MMVA presenter/performers, ahem NKOTB, Simple Plan & Rainn Wilson, partied alongside the common folk until they were ushered to their third floor VIP suites (chumps!). But it wouldn’t be a real party if there weren’t a bunch of Z-listers in the mix. Yes, there’s nothing more entertaining than seeing a bunch of ego-driven musicians and lack luster Canadian TV personalities make awful attempts at getting noticed…I’m looking at you Neverending White Lights.

Playboymates & Playboys—It wouldn’t be a real party if there weren’t any Playmates in the house. Yes, the 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole was E!’s party correspondent of the night and to say the least she had no problems snagging some interviews. In fact, a lot of the drooling artists approached her. Umm, JDiggz anyone?

There Ain’t No Party Like A New Kid Party—When Jordan and Joey stepped entered the second floor room, there were shrieks heard all around the room. For reals. I’m shocked that these soon-to-be middle aged grandpas, still have that magical affect on the ladies. They didn’t seem too interested in partying it up with the rest of us because as soon as they arrived, their people ushered them away…whomp, whomp.

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