Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French neighbors are not saying merci to the couple bringing increased exposure to the environs. Mercy, maybe.

As local police investigate a scuffle between camouflaged paparazzi and Brangelina's security detail, E! News has learned that locals are getting fed up with all the fuss around the couple's countryside château.

Sources tell E! News that a main point of conflict between the privacy-seeking superstar couple and the residents of Brignoles is that the village only has a few police officers, whose primary civic duty, the neighbors say, should not be to help ward off paparazzi.

"They told them to hire more security and that they can't be called out every day because Brad and Angie aren't happy," a police source says. "They have other crimes like burglaries and muggings to look into. French tax payers shouldn't have to pay to protect a couple of American celebrities."

Residents also say the Jolie-Pitts could take a page from the playbook of fellow locally dwelling celebs Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, who have lived in the area for years without ever feeling the need to use up police resources.

Instead, Depp and Paradis simply sue if a publication uses any privacy-invading pictures, and the paparazzi, locals say, have learned to leave the twosome alone.

And unlike the Jolie-Pitts, Depp and his common-law missus have never sold photos of their brood, so locals complain the Jolie-Pitts are bringing their paparazzi problems on themselves by seeking to control which shots are allowed for general consumption.

But it's not just the strain on the fuzz that has locals barking at Brangelina.

A group of citizens has already voiced dissent over the possibility of Maddox & Co. enrolling in a local school this fall, grousing about the possibility of shutterbugs camped outside the campus.

"This is a beautifully peaceful area of the world, and Brad and Angelina are threatening that peace," says one disgruntled resident.

"Their kids have the right to go to school but not if it means strange men hanging around at the gates with cameras threatening local kids' privacy. A lot of villagers aren't happy at all that they've moved here and wish they'd move away again."

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