Paul McCartney

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I once told someone I didn’t like The Beatles just to incite her. It worked. The truth is, everyone likes The Beatles, even people who think they hate them. And if you like The Beatles, then you like Paul McCartney since he was a pretty big part of the historic British supergroup. The only thing that would stop you from liking The Beatles is political reasons. You could a) be a diehard Mao Zedong fan or b) hate the British because they “evoke painful memories of Britain's conquest of New France in 1760.” In either instance, you’re probably a crack smoker. I mean, get over it!

Of course I’m talking about the controversy that shook the Quebec City 400th birthday celebrations where Paul McCartney came to perform for over 250,000 Quebeckers. Some Quebec nationalists didn’t want him there, but for the most part, the crowds were there to represent Canada’s love for the ex-Beatle. Paul’s website reported him saying: “With these big shows you never quite know what to expect. I know there were some people who were not too happy about an English language artist being part of the celebrations but you know music is an international language that helps bring people together.”

Anyway, Paul did a great service to Quebec tourism, not to mention to the hundreds of thousands of fans that attended the show. One can only hope he nips back around to do the rest of Canada one day!

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