Oliver Stone's ambitious, quickie biopic of George W. Bush popped out a teaser trailer today, and it looks like footage from some eerie alternate reality—or the next Will Ferrell movie.

The plot? A beer-bong-swillin' privileged party boy lets his daddy down—and then becomes president! It's hard to tell if they're playing it serious, or kitschy, but Elizabeth Banks nails Laura Bush, and Josh Brolin has perfected Bush's whiny pout-scowl combo. And there's something creepy—and fun—about seeing Thandie Newton, Toby Jones and Richard Dreyfuss dressed up like current newsmakers Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

Good story or not, will anyone want to spend two more hours in the dark with these people—or is this just the kind of comeback Bush needs? Sound off in the comments.

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