The sweatlicious scandals from pre-Super Bowl soirees keep rollin’ in! Love. Hear Fergie almost pulled a Britney, but she spared the juicy deets in a moment of crotch-covering truth, while a more bashful Scarlett Johansson continued to buzz round Justin Timberlake’s honeycombs like nobody’s biz!
Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson

Steve Granitz/, Jeff Vespa/

Since when does the Hogan clan get media priority over the skanklicious Scarlett Johansson? Seems that was the crazy case at Friday night's most ragin' Super Bowl schmoozefest in South Beach, the Market America/Ocean Drive/Pontiac shindig. Scar-babe, in a cute black jumper, covered her fox-ay face as she dashed down the press line and fooled all the press peeps, busy paying attention to the Hogan horribles. Why so shy, Scar? Don't wanna answer any Q's about your rumored fling with Justin Timberlake, who also happened to be in Miami last weekend? Quelle

Denise Truscello/

Inside said bash, Scar uncovered her face to watch Fergie perform, who tore it up in a barelythere, sparkly white number. I'm told the dress was so short she flashed the crowd, but she was wearing panties, thank gawd (not the devil). No one wants to see that, except maybe her hottie b-f Josh Duhamel, who came way late, after Ferg did her thang.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Jemal Countess/

Also performing at the pah-tay was the hairy, scary Marc Anthony. Luckily, his much better looking half, J.Lo, joined him on stage to perform not one but two songs together. Heard they sang live and didn't sound half bad, either. Also there supporting their newfound friends were TomKat & son Connor—in the VIP area, natch. The quasi-tacky threesome ate din-din earlier at the Forge, but Suri didn't make an appearance, sadly.

Jennifer Aniston

Paul Fenton/

Jennifer Aniston and her lovely schnoz (mean it!), celebrating at Kathy Najimy's big B-day fiesta. The bash went down at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, Saturday peeyem. Ms. A. arrived with none other than fellow single-and-ready-to-mingle amiga Ms. Sheryl Crow. Can we say power-bitch couple o' the yea? Among the guests, who dined on Mexican grease-grub and consumed what was most likely muy grande amounts of tequila, were Matthew Perry and Lily Tomlin, along with dancin' fool Lisa Loeb. Hear she's still single—can we say the same for…

David Schwimmer

Donato Sardella/

David Schwimmer? The former Friend was spotted dining à deux with a much younger gal. Tuesday at the Odeon in the Big Apple. "The young woman looked about 12," sassed my potential nooky witness. Maybe Mr. S. just looked way older than his dinner date because of the facial scruff he was sporting? The dude looked good, nevertheless. Feting face products elsewhere was...

Chloe Sevigny

Dan Herrick/ZUMA Press

Chloë Sevigny, hosting the grand opening of Kiehl's at the Grove. The
Big Love babe with the fab skin is a big fan of their products…Maybe that's how she keeps her complexion all aglow? Anyhow, her brother Paul was rockin' the ones and twos, spinning songs for guests as they downed blood-orange margaritas and watermelon mojitos. Family gatherings elsewhere included…

Amber Rose Tamblyn

Gregg DeGuire/

Amber Tamblyn, dining with her dad. Firehouse restaurant in Venice. The teen queen was dressed down in True Religion jeans and a hoodie and was seen picking at her Caesar salad. Dig in, dollface! Don't be afraid of a few extra pounds…look how well it's worked for your former Sisterhood
of the Traveling Pants
costar America Ferrera!

Meg Ryan, Matthew Perry

James Devaney/ , Paul Fenton/

Have you all heard those rumors that Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry are dating? Oh, yes, the two have been spotted hanging in Hell-Ay, as of late, and tabs are breathlessly calling them a new couple! Hate to burst your busybody bubbles, but I wouldn't start making cutesy monikers for them just yet.
From Desk Nooky, natch, I hear Meg dated Matt's BFF Craig Bierko seriously for a while, and they met through their mutual friend. According to Desk Hookup, M. 'n' M. are just…friends. Matthew, for the romantic record, is reportedly involved with someone he met back in 2002 but is keeping to a veddy low profile (he sure does this a lot, for some reason). Five years is like light-years for Hollywood hookups…How do we not know about this yet?

Readers, any guess who's the lucky (or not) gal? Could Heather Locklear be reigniting this dude's career, also? Nah…

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