Semi-snarky Sacha Baron Cohen blabs about Borat's deleted scenes, Michael Jackson visits High School-ers, and Paris and Nicole hit the town buttoned-down and covered up! What’s wrong with this peculiar picture?
Sacha Baron Cohen

20th Century Fox

Golden Globe winner Sacha Baron Cohen gave peeps an idea of what we didn’t see in Borat during a Q&A at the Santa Barbara Film Fest. Are you on the edges of your naked-wrestling mats? I’m sure you are...

Now, no cameras or tape recorders were allowed inside said chat sesh (for both reporters and non-journos alike) “at the request of the studio.” So, we scribes jotted notes frantically as Sacha semi-answered Q’s from the moderator and the audience.

Britney Spears

Sacha said hundreds of hours of footage were shot for the 84-minute flick. Two scenes that didn’t make the final cut were "Borat Does Porn" (in which Borat is mystified by his costar’s bald nether regions, à la Britney) and "Borat Crosses the Border."

In the latter, Borat tries to walk into the U.S. from Mexico after his truck breaks down, wearing a rag wrapped around his head and carrying a large, suspicious metal car part. Armed border patrol peeps were not amused at the seemingly real sitch. Neither was Sacha when it didn’t even make the movie.

“It’s annoying if you feel it’s going to be dangerous,” he said of the nixed scene. “But then, when you go and do it and it doesn’t even go in, you get a little pissed.”

Now, as long as we’re on the subject of things pissy, the Brit comic has an über-dry sense of humor, and it’s tough to tell if he’s kidding or annoyed half the friggin’ time anyway.

“How long is this?” he said after one par-tick question (not mine!).

“Not so much” was his reply when a female audience member jokingly offered to marry him so he could get a green card. “I think that’s enough questions from the floor.”

Pamela Anderson

Jeffrey Mayer/

But it wasn’t, as someone else asked if he ever met Pamela Anderson, the object of Borat’s affection in the movie, offscreen.

“I met her out of character,” he deadpanned. “She’s now divorced.”

Maybe those rumors that ex-hub Kid Rock was way pissed about her participation in the movie are true after all, huh?

Rupert Everett

Jim spellman/

Rupert Everett, at Crunch Fitness in South Beach, Eff-Hell-Ay, looking ever so polished and, at the same time, a tad morbid—in head-to-toe black. R.E. was pretending to work his triceps but really was watchin’ boob-tube news coverage of the SAG Awards. Was he trying to catch a glimpse of himself from the night before? Hardly. Rupert was seen cyclin’ round Lincoln Road while Tinseltown strutted their stuff down the red carpet à la SAG. Maybe Rupert-babe’s tryin’ to get buff ‘n’ stuff for a new film role? Could be. Haven’t seen him on the big screen in ages, we miss ya, sea-muffin! Speaking of falling off of planet tabloid, a baby-faced...

Frankie Muniz

Gary Lewis/

Frankie Muniz is all grown up. He was wining and dining his hot-to-trot blond fiancée, Jamie, at Barney's Beanery in Hollywood last week. Could the former Malcolm star really be settling down this early? Hear the love-babes are still engaged, but no weddin’ date’s been set...yet. Maybe he should slow things down and get some advice from former married doll...

Hilary Swank

Jerome Ware/ZUMA

Hilary Swank, who also tied the knot young. Hilary was at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills, seen with her arms wrapped around...a nooky-unit? Was it her agent/boy-toy John Campisi, rumored to be the reason for her split from Chad Lowe? Or is Hilary just feelin' a li'l left out this year (no Oscar dare they!) and desperate for some photo ops? Not too far off at the famously sensuous hotel was...

Joan Collins

Scott Weiner/

Joan Collins, looking fab in oversize shades while dining, pre-play, before a showing of Legends at the Wilshire Theater. I swear, at the rate T-town discards (and eats) its young, H. Swank will be doing the play next year with Chloë Sevigny, ya think?

High School Musical

Disney Channel / Fred Hayes

The stars of High School Musical, the über-successful Disney Channel movie, took their show on the road and toured across the U.S. (minus Zac Efron, who was filming Hairspray with John Travolta), finishing up in L.A. at the Staples Center last Monday night. And it seems the cast had a very special surprise visitor during their Vegas stint Sunday.

Michael Jackson

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

The King of Pop-Tots, (who’s rumored to be living in Sin City currently) Michael Jackson, requested to meet the High School brood personally, and even brought his three rarely seen tykes along! I’m told security was superheavy as Michael & Co. entered the building.

“He was taller than expected, really soft-spoken and wore sunglasses the whole time,” reports my very own Desk Wacko. “[Jackson] acted like the light was bothering him, but he told [the cast] he and the kids loved the show.”

High School Musical


Yep, not only did Mikey do a meet 'n' greet with the stunned cast, he stayed for the show. Evidently, they turned the light box at the Thomas & Mack Center into VIP seating with a canopy to protect the Jackson crew from any curious looky-loo audience members.

Wonder if Michael was seeking some inspiration for his supposed onstage comeback?

Let’s pray not.

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