From set-shocked T.R. Knight (of Grey's Anatomy infamy) to strut-shocked Britney Spears, we've got a whole lotta glitzy grindin' goin' down today, folks! Plus, has Nicole Richie started somethin' slutty that simply can't be stopped? Find out...
T.R. Knight

Lisa O'Connor/

Oh, before we get to such utterly scintillating subjects as whether or not to wear blue jeans, I must weigh in on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy sitch. I was—at Team T.R. Knight’s request—keeping his name out of the hideous anti-gay statements costar Isaiah Washington is accused of slurring his compact way (and which I.W. denies).

 Why not? Pooftah to pooftah, you know how that magenta mafia stuff goes, doncha?


Matthew McConaughey, Lance Armstrong

Seth Browarnik/

Next thang ya know, T.R.—hoping to create something positive outta this wholly negative affair—pulls a midnight public-relations 180 and comes out to, apparent bastion of sexual-orientation declaration. I’m referring, ‘course, to how the adorable Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey espoused their total heterosexual adoration of each other on the same Website. Uh, why’s that boys?

Regardless, wanted to let all you babes know that certain bosom buds to the talented Mr. K. let me know this guy’s pretty much in shock right now, had no intention of coming out at this time (maybe a tad “later,” he was thinking—far, far away from Washington’s alleged über-profane mouth). 

Knight’s reeling, thanks to an apparently incredibly selfish schmuck/wolf in scrub’s clothing.

 Welcome to reality television (and life), T.R.
Eric Benet

John Sciulli/

At the Rock & Republic Fashion Week fete goin’ down at Area on Wednesday night, I got to thinking about denim (don’t laugh, please). Go with me here: Jeans are so friggin’ hip these days. Is dressing down the new dressing up? Got some partygoers to weigh in on whether they prefer their sexually preferred types all dolled up and glammed out or more casual chic in denim duds ‘n’ such.

 “I think it’s a little sexier when they dress down,” said former Halle Berry hub-unit and heartthrob Eric Benét. “I think any time a girl looks like she’s definitely not trying too hard it’s a lot more effective.” (Evidently Halle’s down-home duds didn’t keep E.B.’s pants zipped, but that’s water under the sex-addicted bridge, right?)
Brody Jenner

Mark Sullivan/

Next, I quizzed Brody Jenner, who came with new girlfriend Lauren Conrad and her entire camera crew, as they were filming the second season of  The Hills, on the same topic. “Hold on. So, you’re saying that dressing in jeans is dressing down?” asked humpy B.J., sounding slightly horrified. “Because personally, I think jeans are sexy. I wouldn’t call that dressing down. I’d call it being casual. Casual is just being yourself.”
Hayden Panettiere

John Shearer/

Okay, Mr. Sneakers at Every Event. I looked for a female perspective next. “I like dressed down,” said Hayden Panettiere, pint-size star of Heroes. I certainly hope so, hon, cause your boy-toy, Stephen Coletti, the former Laguna Beacher, sure was: in an unflattering beard, looking a bit bloated.

 “I’m more of a jeans-and-T-shirt girl,” she continued. "So, I like the nice jeans and tee look.” I was also curious to hear the très underage babe’s take on the difference between sexy and slutty—as, remember, we had too much fun with Nicole Richie on said hootchie-cootchie conundrum, remember?
Paris Hilton

Jerome Ware/

“It’s sorta like Victoria’s Secret,” Hayden mused. “You gotta keep the secret. No showing the secret off.” Kinda ironic comin’ from a gal who used to cavort ‘n’ club with pantyless Paris, huh? But I digress.

Said non-undies diva was expected that evening but never came. 

“Since Brody showed up with L.C., Paris showed loyalty to Nicole and didn’t come,” mouthed one publicist regarding the no-show sitch. Now, I highly doubt that, considering they were all cavorting together at the T-Mobile Sidekick bash a week ago. Plus, loyalty ain’t exactly P.’s forte.

One of partying peeps at R&R put in his tawdry two cents on the whole P&N reunion sitch:
Joe Francis

Dan Herrick-KPA/

“When I dated Paris, Paris, Nicole, Nicky and I would all go on vacation together, and we’d all stay in the same suite,” sleazeball extraordinaire Joe Francis reminisced. Lucky him. “So, I’m glad they’re back together. It’s quite the duo...and it really works.”

Is this guy for real?
Brittany Snow

John Shearer/

Bubbly babe Brittany Snow  was also hangin’ (and with more aplomb, I might add) at the R2 do. She gabbed about her latest movie, Hairspray. Simply had to ask her how well John Travolta has been channeling his inner woman for the cross-dressing lead of the John Waters-created flick, ya know?

 “He really loves it,” Brit replied.
John Travolta

Theo Wargo/

You don’t say, sweetie? Tell us more! “This is a definitely a part he’s soaking in. I think it’s fun that John has no reservations about going all for it...I really like that in a guy, [someone] who can kinda make fun of himself and it’s not an insecurity at all.”

Interesting, indeed. Wonder if those Scientologists have any particular stance on celeb mega-contributors smooching men (as Travolta’s character does)  in the cinema?  Or in real life, for that matter.

Keith Urban

Laura Farr/

Keith Urban, pre-rehab, dancin’ awkwardly during a Beck concert he caught sans Nicole. City Hall in Nashville. “Pearly white teeth, sprayed hair and spray tan,” reported Desk Snarky. They also note that K.U. wasn’t invited onstage to perform with Beck or invited backstage to meet the band after the show. Don’t feel too bad for Keithy though, as he was mobbed afterwards by fawning fans, with whom he posed for pics. Another priceless photo op could be found with...
Jeffrey Sebelia

Stephen Lovekin/

Jeffrey Sebelia, newly crowned prince of Project Runway, being handed a giant $100,000 check from TRESemmé. The Runway finale viewing party was held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New Yawk and was hosted by Tim Gunn. I’m told Jeff-babe—displaying his neck tattoos in a grey collared shirt, black tie and grey sweater—was superstartled and humbled by his big win. Speaking of surprises, bet a few eyebrows were raised at...
Britney Spears

Kevin Mazur/

Britney Spears, doin’ Sin City sans K-Fed. Now, usually it’s the other way around, but this time, Brit and a blond gal-pal caught the Pussycat Dolls show inside of PURE on Wednesday night. Brit was all smiles in jeans and a tee with her hair pulled back, sipping water as she intently studied the Dolls' dance moves. Preppin’ some new choreography for a new video or tour, perhaps? Gawd, I hope so...
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