When Nancy Botwin, Dexter Morgan and Hank Moody cozy up together in a room to talk about their fully awesome shows, you know it's gonna get interesting—and most likely a little scandalous. And it did in the Showtime session that just went down...Click in for the scoop!

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Peter Iovino/Showtime


Dexter Morgan, You've Got a Friend: “Dexter has turned his back on his father but is still using the code,” Michael C. Hall says of his darky, dreaming alter ego in the upcoming season. “And yet, there still remains an unconscious desire for connection. And certain circumstances lead him into a relationship with Jimmy Smits’ character which satisfy that urge in him.” Executive producer Clyde Phillips teases that Smits plays a an assistant DA with “great political ambition” and he becomes Dexter’s “first adult friend.”

Spoilers: When asked if Dex might break the code and kill someone innocent, Phillips dished, “Yes, he will. And without giving too much away, I will say we can consider it dropping a pebble on a mountainside filled with snow, and it will cause an avalanche.”

As for Dex's sister Deb, says Phillips: “She will finally enter into a healthy loving relationship, but I can’t tell you with whom, but hopefully it will be a surprise.” Hmmm…Someone we already know?

Emmy Noms—Finally! Producer Clyde Phillips credits Dexter’s run on CBS for its first Emmy Award nods this year (for the series and Michael C. Hall). “People started searching for other shows during the strike, and Dexter fit right into the CBS crime-night structure.”

Mary Louise Parker

AP Photo/Peter Kramer


Agrestic's Destruction Started Right Here: Explains Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, “A year ago at the TCA’s at the little snack table, I whispered to Mary-Louise, ‘How would you feel if we burned it all down?’ And she was psyched. The truth is the writers’ room was getting restless…and I didn’t want them to get tired and leave.”

Adds Mary-Louise Parker (who was the only panelist all week to sip on a caffeinated beverage during the session—so Nancy!): “I think this season was the best season, season four. I think it was a brilliant and really brave idea. I love it." 

Fun Fact: Kohan says that, in the initial pitch, HBO passed on Weeds, because "they didn’t want to have a show with kids.” Tootally understandable, since Weeds is all about puppies and flowers and cotton candy and a better fit for Pax.

David Duchovny, Californication

Randy Tepper / Showtime


What's Ahead: Producer Tom Kapinos teases, “Season two is very much about the mystique of happy endings. We ended up [in season one] with the guy getting the girl and getting exactly what he wanted. So what happens when he gets the girl and wakes up in the morning and has to figure out what to do with that relationship?” When asked if Hank could ever be faithful to anyone, David Duchovny says, “If it’s going to be anyone, it’s going to be Karen.”

Best for Last: When asked about upcoming romantic storylines, Duchovny playfully announced, “We’re gonna have a little Weeds-Californication crossover,” then leaned right over to Mary-Louise next to him and said all sexily, “and it starts right now.” Um, yes please?

Off to the Showtime shindig. Got Q’s? Post ‘em below, and I will stalk for you.

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