Aliens in America

Michael Courtney/ The CW

Oh, hi, there. Whatcha doing this Sunday?

Really? That sounds amazing. But you're going to have to cancel those plans.

See, my newfound favorite comedy, Aliens in America, is coming back to the CW with eight new episodes starting this Sunday night, and the first episode back is, in my opinion, one of the funniest episodes of anything that has aired anywhere all season long.

I had the luxury (read: DVR space) during the strike to catch up on this freshman series—about the hilarious Tolchuk family and their Pakistani exchange student—and fell head over heels in love. (As did my husband, and we never agree on the small screen...though I think MILF-y Mama Tolchuk may have something to do with it.)

So, I need to ask you to do me the personal favor of checking out Aliens on Sunday, because I fear that many of you have overlooked it, and it's just too funny and heartwarming and, well, good to entertain the thought of letting it go.

So, please, call your friends, cancel that knitting circle and/or party with the hookers and blow and pull up a couch cushion this Sunday night at 8:30/7:30 Central to check out Aliens in America on the CW.

Then tell me in Comments how much you love me or hate me for making you watch it.

(Oh, and if you already love this show, sound off, will ya?)

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