Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

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"Two Heroes will fall. One villain will rise."

Trust me, that NBC promo dude ain't kiddin' in the Heroes teaser that aired tonight! And frankly, I'm a wee bit scared about the two impending deaths in next week's winter finale...which I have a little exclusive scoop on below.

But first, let's dig into what went down tonight!

Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia

NBC/Michael Muller


Peter Petrelli Is a Selfish Little Prat: 
Sorry, Milo, me still love you long time, but that was some ridiculous motivation you kept expressing in tonight's episode! Let me get this straight: You went to the future. You saw that ninety-freaking-three percent of the entire world population had perished because of that pesky virus, but your primary concern is to save some Irish trollop you met in a bar a few weeks ago? Yes, Caitlin is perfectly lovely, but if The Bachelor has taught us nothing else this week, it's that you cannot develop strong feelings in that amount of time. How about a little concern for humanity at large?!...Ahem. Sorry. Had to vent.

Claire-Bear's Never Been Better:  Okay, granted, I can't really follow her logic of how showing the world her ability will make her story about her father's death automatically true, but hot damn, Hayden P was certainly on top of her game tonight, giving the likes of Sally Field in Steel Magnolias a run for her money as far as believable and heart-tugging tears. (Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but still, I was moved!) (And psst...Worry not! Claire won't be crying much longer.)

Alejandro, We Hardly Knew Ye...  
But we knew ye a lot longer than we were supposed to! Don't forget what Shalim Ortiz told us when he stopped by the illustrious WWK studios (aka my office) to chat: He was only supposed to be in one or two episodes. So he was living on borrowed time and should move on to greener and fan-friendly pastures. RIP, Alejandro.

Adam Is 100 Percent Bad Boy (and Not in the Fun Sort of Gangsta Way):  Lest it not be clear, Adam's sole intentions are to release strain number 138 of the virus on the population, in order to wipe the slate clean on humanity and enact his plan for world domination. Sorta makes Sylar look like a wounded putty-tat, does he not? (Not to mention David Anders' original evil mastermind on Alias, the delicious Mr. Sark.) This is some serious evil!

Heroes: Zachary Quinto

NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth


In next week's winter finale, three Heroes will die.

We'll call the first death Final, the second death Uncertain and the third death Reversed (thanks to Claire's miracle juice—yay!). (And no, they don't go down in that order.)

Although you may be shocked by all of these deaths—because they are all series regulars and very pretty people!—you probably won't cry over Final or Reversed (that's just my hunch). But if Uncertain turns out to stick, well, let's just say the Heroes producers best be stocking up on some hazmat suits for the s--t storm that's about to erupt! The fans will not be happy.

(P.S.: In other winter-finale news, Mama Petrelli just might be the worst mother ever in the history of the planet, while Noah Bennet has my vote for Father of the Year, while Sylar is the Comeback Kid.)

Now, who do you think is doomed to die next week? Vote below! And come back on Monday for my next Vine show, which was shot entirely on location at the Heroes set during the filming of the winter finale. Don't say I never take you anywhere!

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Who will die on Heroes?
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