Justin Kirk, Mary Louise Parker, Weeds

Cliff Lipson/Showtime

Those little boxes on the hillside? You know, the ones made of ticky tacky? They’re burning, people! Ruuunnn, run for your liiives!

Or actually, run to your TV set, 'cause tonight's episode of Showtime's Weeds is not to be missed.

It's the third season finale, and the good people of Agrestic (and Majestic) are packing up their Priuses and heading for cover while the safety of their homes hangs in the balance.

And lest you think that not much happens in this finale, let me share what my husband said after we screened it together: "Wow. So, the series is over?" Of course it's not (Weeds was picked up for a fourth season—thank you, Jesus), but it's that kind of episode. The kind of episode in which everything changes. The kind of episode that will remind you Alias fans of that post-Super Bowl ep back in the day, when SD-6 was obliterated.

Justin Kirk, who plays the inimitable Andy, agrees, and reveals the reason behind the big twist.

“With series television, you’re doing so much product," Justin says. "So, you have to switch it up. No matter how good it was to start with, you can’t keep doing the same thing. And what this [final episode] seems to be saying is, it’s going to be a whole new show next year.” 

What exactly would a “new" Weeds entail? Justin says, “The finale points in certain directions, but the thrill of it is not having any expectations. The perk of being on a series is you have a new script every week. It's exciting. When it comes, I’ll tear through it to see what’s next.”

And what about the prospect of an Andy and Nancy love connection? “As much as I would like to physically express my love for Mary-Louise with all the cameras rolling," says Justin, "I think that might be a tricky place to go to. I don’t know that their trajectories dynamically match up. We’ve had a few WTF moments on Weeds, and I think [an Andy-Nancy hookup] would really go over the top. But hey, in season eight, I’m open to anything.”

—With reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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