Daniel Dae Kim

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Daniel Dae Kim has issued an apology following his arrest for suspicion of drunken driving yesterday morning. The statement is as follows:

I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed by my actions of Thursday morning. It saddens me to know that I jeopardized the welfare of the kind people of Hawaii, a community that I love and call my home.

It is my intention to cooperate fully with the police and I am grateful to them for their sensitivity throughout this matter.

To my friends, family, colleagues and fans, thank you for your kind words of support. To those I have disappointed I can only ask that you accept my heartfelt apologies. I am truly, truly sorry.

To be honest, this is a difficult topic for me to discuss, because it's an unfortunate situation all the way around, and there are no winners and no right answers. And as someone who has lost a close family member to an accident caused by a drunk driver, I certainly don't think drinking and driving should be condoned in any way.

That said, it's also no secret that I have always known Daniel Dae Kim to be one of the kindest, most sincere men I have ever met. (Honestly. And countless others will back me up on that.) And so, I just want to say that I personally find it honorable that even in his darkest hour, Daniel has managed to remain genuine, straightforward and humble—and admit he was wrong. I hope that counts for something. It certainly does in my book. 

As for you Lost fans wondering if this arrest will affect Daniel's longevity on the show, I want to remind you that producers Damon and Carlton both have told me that the previous castmember arrests had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to kill them off of the series. Personally, I'm hoping Jin sticks around for a good long time, 'cause I for one, would miss him dearly.

As always, feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts below.

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