Who's getting whacked on The Sopranos? What's Linderman up to on Heroes? Will Nathan Fillion come back to Lost? And what's it like to give an enema to a complete stranger?

These are the burning (ew!) questions we tackle in my fresh-outta-the-oven Vine show. And thankfully, for that last one, I had a little help from two of my collE!agues: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

In case you haven't heard, the girls are following in the footsteps of our dear friend Ernest and communing with nature in The Simple Life Goes to Camp, which premieres Memorial Day (May 28). So, I sat down with the girls—and, of course, Tinkerbell (who was wearing a better outfit than me)—to get the goods on what it was like to shoot the new season. And since a sit-down with these girls is about as easy to score as tickets to the moon, you just know I had to share it with you!

"[Shooting the show] is so much more fun when you're with your friend," Paris said, referring to her rekindled BFF-ness with Nicole. The two are once again side by side for the show's new season, in which they hit, among others, beauty pageant camp, relationship camp and wellness camp. So, see? We can all just get along!

Click on the video clip above for all the dish on Simple, Heroes and Sopranos—plus a little eye candy in the form of Drive and Lost star Nathan Fillion.


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