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Hey, tubers! We have much to talk about today—everything from Gizzie (gah!!) and the future of Lost—so let's get to your Q's... 

Thomasina in New York: Please tell me Lost is coming back next season.
Yes, it is for sure coming back, and get this: my ABC sources tell me it will probably come back 24-style, beginning in January and going straight through with 22 episodes. At least, that's the most likely scenario ABC is considering. Good news, no?

Florilee in Miami: George and Izzie?! WTF? I'm in shock!! Please tell me that was a one-time thing.
I have the surprising (at least, I think!) answer for you in the spoiler section. Keep reading! 

Jessamine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: I have a friend in L.A. who said Lisa Kudrow is gonna be on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. Is it true?
Actually, no. But according to my sources, your friend’s intel was half-right. Apparently, Kudrow was offered a role recently, but she ultimately decided to turn it down.

Kevin in New Milford, New Jersey: I am so confused! The ABC Website says a new Grey's Anatomy episode airs this Thursday (Mar. 22), but every other source says the new episode isn't until next week!
The ABC Website is correct, and there is indeed a new episode this week. And after the way things ended last week, let me tell you, this one is a can't-miss!

Laura in Maryland: Kristin, could you please link to the saveveronicamars.tv site in your chat? We need more people to sign the petition and try to help get a fourth season of Veronica Mars!
Done. By the way, you guys set a new record for number of comments (fastest compilation ever) on my recent Veronica Mars post, which makes me love you all the more. Our Save One Show 2007 Campaign launches this Friday—Mar. 23—so get your voting fingers ready!

Melanie in Fairfield, Connecticut: What's gonna happen to Dr. Sara Tancredi now that Sarah Wayne Callies is pregnant? Will they write it in?
Good Q, and I have a direct answer from Sarah, who is pretty sure Tancredi won't be preggers. "She may want to [have a baby], but since the entire series so far has taken approximately seven weeks, I think we would be well into season 15 before she ever delivered. Certainly at this point, if Sara delivered a baby, it wouldn't be Michael's. I think what's probably going to happen is I will have the baby over what would be an extended hiatus for me, and return later in the season when there's a little less of me to love." Awww...

Jack in McLean, Virginia: Who's gonna die on Prison Break?
Check out my new Vine show for one casualty. I'm also really concerned about Agent Kellerman since his alter ego, Paul Adelstein, was cast on the Grey's spinoff. (Though, I must admit, I'm a little excited to see him there. Maybe his real-life wife, Liza Weil from Gilmore Girls, can guest star!)

Jamie in Short Hills, New Jersey: There are so many bitchy girls on Top Model this season! Natasha, Jaslene, Renee! They all think they’re better than everyone else! Actually, according to the latest eliminee, Cassandra, they’re all very sweet girls. Or maybe she’s just really sweet. When my sweet girl Korbi spoke with Cassandra last week, she said all the girls were wonderful and that she has become very close with both Jaslene and Natasha. She thinks they’re going to go really far in the competition. Go figure!

Loelle76 in Los Angeles: Please, please, please say that Hated Harry is not John Krasinski! You are killing me with these things!
Hated Harry is not John "Loved Larry" Krasinski. Don't you think that for a second!

Stella in Pierre, South Dakota: OMG! Rainn Wilson is so hilarious—he totally captured Dwight's "legacy"!
Tell me about it. And if you have yet to partake of The Office hijinks, please do check it out. It's much, much funner than a barrel of monkeys. Monkeys don't have comedy chops like these. Also, if you were living under a WWK-less rock (shudder) the past three weeks, you better catch up—you betta!—on our TV Fest '07 coverage of American Idol, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, Heroes, Prison Break, The Office and Ugly Betty.

Priscilla in Providence, Rhode Island: Jam! Dwangela! Kryan! Phyllis and Bob Vance! I need Office romance scoop!
I bring thee...Kryan! B.J. Novak (Ryan) tells me Kelly and Ryan are going strong, despite their hilariously dysfunctional relationship. "I think Kelly has a pure heart even if she is crazy, [and] I think Ryan loves being loved even though he won't admit it. He realized that when he lost Michael's love. I think Ryan would never ever show what he is feeling or what he likes, but I think it's there." Awww...Kryan 4-evah.

Misao7: On The Office, is Jan pregnant? She mentions being sick quite often and also has mood swings and mentions starting a family...
Just for you, my delicious little Misao soup, I took this question straight to Melora Hardin (Jan), who tells me: "I don't think Jan is pregnant right now. But I think Jan could be pregnant in the future. It would be pretty awesome if Michael got Jan pregnant and they had to deal with that! I don't that is very far-fetched." And we all know Mikey wanted to adopt after watching Oprah!

Marcelo in McAllen, Texas: I was just wondering if you knew when Hidden Palms starts on the CW?
May 30, and it's a very guilty pleasure! I think you O.C. fans may like it, because it has a Marissa-Ryan vibe (early days, while she was still breathing) with the characters of Johnny and Greta. Our intern Michael (whom I want to adopt after seeing Oprah) just ran into Amber Heard, who plays Greta, and she gave the 411 on their relationship: "Johnny and I fall in love, and it's drama in our relationship, because she is this enigmatic, free-spirited, intelligent girl, and he's this bad seed planted in this new park. He's just been uprooted to this new community, and she encompasses everything he doesn't understand about this new world he is put in."

Jeff in Edina, Minnesota: As one of your many loyal patrons, I was saddened that you did not pay respect to the finale of The O.C. in your column.
I'm truly sorry. That's because in my personal reality, it's not dead. (As Summer knows, denial's a bitch.) And in the real reality, SOAPnet starts airing 6 p.m. weeknight reruns on Apr. 6, so I'm tuning in for that. By the way, I just spoke with Melinda Clarke, who is reteaming with CSI creator Anthony Zuiker. How great is that? "I'm doing a Anthony Zuiker pilot for CBS next week called The Man," she tells me. "This character is a very tough, very hard-core detective. I really wanted to do something that was different from The O.C. You can't top Julie Cooper!" Yep, Julie always seemed like a top to me!

Bobby in Topanga, California: Why no info lately on Nip/Tuck? That show rocks!
Okay, but you didn't hear this from me! At the Paley Fest, someone asked if there was ever an outrageous storyline a castmember wouldn't do, and Kelly Carlson (Kimber) replied, "The Stevie Nicks thing." Showrunner Ryan Murphy turned red and wouldn't elaborate, finally saying, "We were going to do a shout-out to a certain pop star who did strange things with sex and drugs. I walked around for a week telling everyone, 'I'm so excited! We're gonna put cocaine in Kimber's rectum this week!' But we never did it." Kelly then said, "Should I not have said that?" Guess you have to ask Stevie!

Katie in St. Paul: I need Nip/Tuck news! Heard anything lately about the best plastic surgeons this side of McSteamy?
Murphy spilled that Nip/Tuck was originally supposed to take place in L.A., but he wanted to avoid a "starlet of the week" angle—something now he says the show will become. Still, he's excited to dish about Hollywood, such as the boob job for the bombshell or "the studio executive and his dominatrix." Also, there are brand-new sets for everything, so the cast feels like it's a new show.

Chantal in Windsor, Ontario, Canada: What do you think of the new show on Fox called Drive—it looks pretty good, right?
You bet it does. Which is why I'm driving out to see executive producer Tim Minear (formerly of Angel) next week. (Whoo! Pedal to the metal, baby!!) If you have Q's for him or for any of the castmembers, email them to tvdiva@eonline.com, and I'll see if I can get you guys hot A's.

Shannon in Furlong, Pennsylvania: The last Claire episode of Lost was amazing, but whatever happened to Rose and Bernard?
They're buzzing around in the background minding their own business! According to Damon Lindelof, "A lot of times the fans ask us why we haven't seen more of Rose and Bernard, or when we are going to sum up Libby, and the reality is those actors are fantastic and so they're off doing other shows. It's sort of a constantly moving puzzle piece for us. You have to commit so far out front, but we don't want to prevent anybody from getting work." So, there you have it. Rose and Bernard are safe and sound...Well, as long as Locke keeps himself from hitting any more buttons!

Don't read if you don't want to know!

Yolanda in Tucson: Please tell me this George and Izzie hookup on Grey's Anatomy is short-lived?!
I've actually heard—I hope you're sitting down for this—that they...




Ahhhh! Gizzie!!! My eyes! My eyes! What do you guys think of this? Please tell me in the comments section below. I'm still reeling.

Neilson in San Francisco: Give me something good on Grey's?!
Someone close to Meredith is going to die. A family member. And it'll wreak havoc on Meredith's relationship with her dad.

Marilou in Miami: Is Charlie gonna die on Lost?
Ummm…That's what I'm hearing. But I don't want to believe it! And no word yet on when, so the time is now to post your support for Charlie/Dominic in our Save the Junkie, Save the World thread!

Martha in Chula Vista, California: My wacky Heroes theory is that Mama Petrelli can see the future! That's how she knows about Claire and hooked up with the Haitian, and how Peter got that vision of himself going boom. Your thoughts?
Who wants my thoughts when you could have Adrian Pasdar's thoughts?! He says about Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), "She has a big part to play in my life and Peter's life and Claire's life…And [the question of] how [my father] died is something that gets answered in 22. It wasn't Sylar, but it's not what we were told. He turns out to be somebody we don't expect." Ahhh! Why does every little snippet about this show get me so excited? (Especially when Adrian is talking?)

Martina in Vincennes, Indiana: Do you know anything about this time travel business on Heroes?
Well, see, Desmond was in love with Penny and when he...Oh, sorry, wrong show. I have no idea about Heroes, so I'll let Adrian lay down—er, lay it down—for you: "There's an episode (called 'String Theory') that happens five years in the future, and it's a possible outcome of what situations now might dictate in the future. It's not a definite, finite reality, but it's a possibility." 

Roy in McKenzie, Tennessee: What happened to Heather on Jericho? I love her with Jake. Did I miss a pivotal episode where something happened to her?
We've gotten quite a few questions in this vein, and when I pressed Skeet Ulrich for info, he told me, "We definitely see Heather again, [but] I don't know what the chances are of us hooking up. I'm not saying we won't, but I'd give it about 10 to 1 odds right now." 

Tam in Toronto: Will there be a bigger role for the character of Darcy Hawkins on Jericho? The Hawkins family is my favorite.
Yes! When I talked to the divine Lennie James recently and asked him for Jericho scoop, he said, "The next couple of episodes, a sizable chunk of story is about my family...If I were you, I would ask me if I was going to fight to get my family back—and the answer is yes!"

Natalia in Canton, Michigan: Anything on my favorite show, Brothers & Sisters?
Someone's going to have an affair before the season ends. Naughty, naughty!

Zora in Sylvania, Ohio: Amanda is my favorite character on Ugly Betty. Is she ever gonna get some non-Daniel lovin'?
I'm hearing she will date someone new in the fashion business before the season ends. However, I'm told she just might scare him a bit. 

Aimee in Cumming, Georgia: On Battlestar Galactica, is Starbuck really dead, or is she going to turn out to be a Cylon?
Pretty sure it's none of the above. My current working theory about the well-known cover band Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny is that baby Hera was not the first human-Cylon hybrid. Whaddya think? Comment below!

Terry in Memphis: Bones!
A regular character we know and love goes somewhere sandy and screwed-up for his or her summer vacation. She or he will very likely come back significantly changed...And yes, David Boreanaz is having a sex change. (Kidding!)

Melinda in Montecito, California: Numb3rs!
I think someone's been watching a little too much 24. I just heard about an upcoming storyline involving a major terrorist plot in Los Angeles, which has the FBI scrambling to find out who is behind it! Sound familiar?

Elizabeth in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada: I am totally in love with October Road! Although I am a little bit biased because Bryan Greenberg's in it (you can't blame a girl!), and he's a One Tree Hill alum. But do you have any scoop on it?
According to Bryan, he doesn't know the truth about the identity of Sam's father, but creator Scott Rosenberg says that as the season progresses, "Nick starts to really suspect that he is father of Sam, but just by virtue of coming to town, he causes problems between Hannah's relationship with her boyfriend." Scott also spills that "one of the characters, Ikey, is having an affair with another one of the friends' wives, and that whole thing is going to blow up." Juicy!

That's all for today. Check back next week for the next live-ly Spoiler Chat! And in the meantime, you can always submit questions by clicking on the Ask Kristin button at left.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin, Sydne Summer, Matthew Donnelly and Michael Berner. (Look how big my supersleuth family is this week! Thanks, lovies!)

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