Grey's Anatomy: Kate Walsh

ABC/Karen Neal

Just checked the mailbag and saw how many of you fans are freaking out over the news that Grey's Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes may be doing a spinoff with Kate Walsh, aka Addison.

"Wait a second—is Kate Walsh getting kicked off Grey's Anatomy?" asks Steph.

"Is this seriously going to happen?" asks Alex. "Seriously?!"

"Please tell me this is a rumor from a 'friend of a caterer'!" begs Adam (and I heart him for it).

Here's what I can tell you:

About a month ago, Shonda began discussing the idea of an Addison spinoff with the executives at ABC. It is my understanding that the idea to do a spinoff came from the network, but Shonda was amenable to it. The only glitch? As Grey's reigning queen bee, Shonda puts an insane amount of time and effort into the biggest show on television, so the idea of writing and producing a separate pilot was nearly impossible. 

That's where the current plan came in (and it is happening): to shoot a two-hour episode of Grey's Anatomy that serves as a pilot for Addison's Anatomy (don't worry, they aren't actually calling it that).

The first castmember on board? None other than Day Break star (and let's not forget Kevin Hill) Taye Diggs. Despite what I believe to be at least a six-inch height difference (Kate Walsh is one of the few actresses tall enough for me to look at eye-to-eye on the red carpet; Taye Diggs, not so much), they'd be a smokin' hot TV coupling, doncha think?

On the downside, I'm also told that this new directive—to work on a Grey's spinoff—means Shonda Rhimes' journalist show with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) has been put on the back burner. Let's hope temporarily.

So, what do you think? Would you watch Addison's Anatomy (with a much better name)? Would Grey's suffer greatly without her? Does this mean I have a better shot with McSteamy, McDreamy and Alex?

Discuss below!

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