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If you think you've seen the best of what Grey's Anatomy has to offer, well, my friends, you have no idea what they have planned in upcoming episodes.

And, well, truth told, no one has any idea what's happening unless they're part of a teensy-weensy inner circle of knowledge. You see, what is coming up—when the show returns next Thursday (whee!) and heads into sweeps—is so completely jaw-droppingly insane that the Grey's cast and crew are guarding the show's secrets as if their own lives depended on it.

As yet another testament of how much my job does not suck, I had the sincere pleasure of visiting the set yesterday—on SAG Awards nomination day. And as a testament to the Fort Knoxery, I can tell you that not only were we press types politely quarantined to a back corner of the set, worlds away from where the cast was shooting, but the actors' sound bites have been reduced to "There will be something new" (as Chandra "Bailey" Wilson told me) and "Something is coming up" (as James "Chief" Pickens so  boldly revealed).

And here's the thing. I love them for it. 'Cause I just so happen to know a few deets on what the writers have planned for upcoming episodes when Grey's Anatomy returns—did I mention, this very Thursday?—and can tell you the twists and turns that lie ahead are not something for which you want to be spoiled. It's that good. And that shocking.

Lest you think I'm joking, I will share with you a few teases at the end of this article, for you who keep writing to me and insisting you'll roll over and die if you don't get some info to tide you over to the new episodes.

But more important, I also want to share with you how unbelievably non-Hollywood and amazingly kind Miss SAG-nominee Chandra was when I met up with her on set. That morning, during our live nomination coverage on E!, I mentioned how excited I was that Chandra was nominated (she was the sole individual nominee), because she's often overlooked and her performance is so phenomenal.

Well, just proving how contrary to her "Nazi" character she really is, Chandra spent a good half of our interview thanking me profusely for those words. I mean, who does she think she is, a noncelebrity or something? It was truly odd—and refreshing—behavior for an actor on the hottest show on television.

As for the nomination, C.W. said, "I am floating today. This means so much to me, you have no idea. You know, you pay your SAG dues for all those years, and then I guess they finally have to pay you back!"

When asked about what's coming up on the show, Chandra gave that ridiculous tease about the "new," then added, in a brow-raised whisper, as if she were actually giving something away, that there would be "two parts" to the big story arc they're working on. I know. I know. Stop the presses!

James Pickens was equally gracious about the cast's SAG nomination for Drama Ensemble, but he really lit up when talking about Chandra. "It's perfect that she got it. I love her. There are few people as talented and amazingly kind as she on this planet. I mean that."

When asked whether he might be leaving the show if the Chief really were to retire, Pickens said, "Oh, I hope not! But you never know. All I know is that there's some really good stuff coming up for the Chief that will be quite intriguing."

And that's all Mr. P. was spillin'. But for you chomping at the bit for some Grey's dish, here are the teases I can give you about what's ahead.

  • Someone will get engaged.
  • Someone will get more than that. 
  • Someone will die. 
  • Someone we thought was dead will return.
  • Two people whose names both start with the letter "A" will get even hotter.
  • And Grey's Anatomy will do the one thing that you'd think it never, ever, ever, ever could. Yes, that!

Grey's Anatomy returns this Thursday on ABC. (As if you didn't know. And as if you weren't counting the minutes! I personally can. Not. Wait.)

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