It's Wednesday, my friends, and you know what that means: It's boneless buffalo wings night at Chili's! Awww, yeah.

And, oh yeah, it's time for another scandalous story about some TV stars so famous I can't name 'em, courtesy of our new weekly feature, the Hump-Day Stumper! Dig in!

Skinny-Dippin' Duo: This is a real-life couple who are series regulars on a show we love—and they're pretty easy on the eyes. Obviously, the name gives away that these two have a thing for stripping down to their birthday suits and going for a swim, but it does not reveal the lip-smacking kicker: Apparently, they like to do it in the swimming pools of total strangers! On a certain night not too long ago, a friend of mine (not in the Biz) came home to find what she thought were "hooligans" in her backyard swimming pool and screamed at them to get out. As the duo started giggling and running toward the fence, my friend recognized them as stars from her favorite show and called out, "Wait! Can I get an autograph?!" The duo did not oblige, but they did return a few weeks later for more skinny-dipping fun. This time, my friend did what any right-minded fan would do—she made some popcorn and watched from the bedroom window above.

Got guesses? Of course you do! Comment away below, my friends!

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