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Ladies and gentletubers, drumroll please...we may have found our new Hero!

The rumor making its way around certain British media outlets is that Christopher Eccleston, who played Time Lord in the British TV show Doctor Who, has signed on to join the cast of Heroes.

While the rumor is Eccleston might be playing Sylar, I can tell you with absolute certainty (thanks to my prior exclusive report) that Sylar is being played by So NoTORIous star Zachary Quinto. So, my guess is Eccleston will be playing the new Hero I told you about exclusively in last week’s chat. This new guy, who makes his debut in the Jan. 22 episode, has an ability not yet seen on the show. He's also been around a lot longer than all the others. And Christopher does seem a perfect fit!

Yeee! Can’t wait. And since I’m squealing, can we please talk about the latest Heroes ep? ‘Cause, in my opinion, it lived up to everything the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" slogan has been promising—a bloody confrontation between the biggest forces of good and evil. And one hell of a squeal-worthy ep!

Here’s What We Learned

Peter and Sylar are formidable opponents, given that they have more or less the same power: the ability to steal or borrow powers from others. Clearly, in my mind, this is all leading up to a Peter-Sylar badass battle for the world at the end of the season (which I gotta admit I just might need some adult diapers in order to watch).

Eden, aka Stinkerbell (so named by Dr. Anna Graham for her mole-ish demeanor), is far more powerful than anyone would’ve expected, no? Who would have thought the unassuming Pixie would have the power to take down the big Sycho himself? Boo-yah! (Side note: Milo Ventimiglia tells me Eden’s power of persuasion is actually the power he’d choose for himself. "That’s the one that could best serve the world," he says. "You could walk into a foreign country and end a war.")

Sylar is now in the captivity of H.R.G. (Horn-Rimmed Glasses, aka Claire’s father), along with Señor Nuclear Explosivo (radioactive Ted), and something tells me this will be significant, since Sylar’s plan is to blow up Manhattan and all.

Now, the fun stuff! Thanks to a few recent interviews with the cast (drool, sigh, bow down to worship and adore), I can tell you what lies ahead…

  • Simone and Isaac Are So Totally Getting Back Together:  Santiago Cabrera (Isaac) says of the long lost luvahs: "We are starting to come back together. That’s something we can promise, that you will see us together again, because the whole thing kind of disappeared." Adds Tawny Cypress (Simone): "Love is a very powerful thing. Even if it is a broken love."
  • Isaac Is Smitten:  "Isaac is in love with Simone. He thinks being with her is the best thing, but there are a lot of things that have to come into place. It is interesting for Isaac because you'll see a new side of him—getting off drugs—but we don’t know how that will manifest itself with the paintings. Will he control it better, will he paint better things?"
  • Mohinder’s Smitten, Too:  "I think Mohinder and Eden are already in love," Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) says. "Or actually, I think Mohinder is certainly taken; I don’t know how Eden is feeling about it. She’s a complicated girl—she’s working for the dark side!" Ah, crap. Darth Vader’s on this show now, too? And speaking of fahthas...
  • Mohinder’s Father Could Be…Alive?!  When asked whether Erick Avari, who plays Mohinder’s father, will show up again in a dream or nightmare, Sendhil says, "Yeah, you’ll see him past last week’s episode certainly." And when asked if Daddy Suresh might still be alive and hiding out somewhere, Sendhil stops dead in his tracks, gives a canary-eating smile and says, "Interesting…"
  • Hiro Is in Texas!  "I am definitely somewhere in town," Masi Oka reveals of his time-traveling character at the end of the latest ep, adding he’ll definitely make it to New York City by season's end. "That is our journey. One way or another, we all make it to New York." We’ll also definitely see Hiro’s love interest (the waitress) again, which makes me happy.
  • We’ll See How Nathan Got His Powers:  In an upcoming ep, the Heroes will flash back, and we’ll see the car accident that left Nathan’s wife (Rena Sofer) in a wheelchair. "I think the accident does shed some light on a few things," Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) says. "One of them being the dawn of the powers for myself, and I think that predates a lot of things that have happened with a lot of the other people. I can’t think of a character who has the experience quite as soon as I do—there’s an element to the accident that involves superpowers." Holy crap. Do you think his wife lost her ability to walk because Nathan gained the ability to fly? That’s so very Locke and Boone, is it not?!

That’s all for from me. But here's a recap of the episode from our beloved cult-tv expert Dr. Anna Graham...

Heroes: "Chapter Nine: Homecoming"
Recap by Dr. Anna Graham

Dear Joss, Love your show—mind if we borrow it? Coolthanks. Yours, Heroes

Buffy (okay, Clairebear) gets named Homecoming Queen because the freaks and geeks join forces to vote her in over the popular kids—the nerds at least have strength of numbers. This leaves Cordelia spitting mad, but no matter, Buffy's dad grounds her anyway. He doesn't tell his little girl, but he's keeping her home because he knows Sylar is coming. Xander (for some reason they call him "Zach" in this town) springs Buffy on the grounds that she gots to represent for the tweakers and punks. (Oh, and as always—who are you kidding, TV writers? Actresses that can play show leads are never, ever outcast material!)

In NYC, Nathan gets a look at an Isaac original that portends his brother's death and then destroys it, because (a) he's the type of kid who smashes his toys rather than share, and (b) maybe if he ignores the problem of the supers it'll just go away. However, Whistler (sigh: technically Simone) already took a Polaroid of the painting and researched the location of Sunnydale, so she selflessly sends Angel (Peter, but with different hair issues) off on his quest.

Buffy and Cordy argue in the locker room before heading out on the field, and Buff makes a rousing speech about identity politics, but not before her Slayer sense starts a-tinglin'. She tells Cordy to run, but it's too late—Sylar is upon them. Cordy's pride goeth before her fall, and Sylar is under the same mistaken impression as the rest of the town/world: that Cordy has the powers, not the little Prophecy Girl immediately to her right. Sylar does his skull-can-opener move, and as she's dying, Cordy bravely tells Buffy to get out of there, even as the Sylar is smooshing her to death. Buffy flees, Angel (okay, Peter) helps her escape—but nearly at the cost of his own life, not to mention his freedom (the cops believe the blood he's covered in is Cordy's)—and Buffy finally reveals her terrible secret identity to her dad. Whee!

Sylar gets away, but not before our girl Stinkerbell, the Pixie of Persuasion, and the mindfreak capture him, apparently on orders from Mr. Bennet. Go team!

Ando waits and waits and waits for Hiro to return, and when he gets Peter Petrelli instead, he says that he's can't or won't go on a mission without his heterosexual life partner Hiro. Hiro, meanwhile, jumps six months into the past and begins (literally?) charming the pants off cute waitress Charlie.

D.L. tries to put some distance between him and his crazy ex, but Micah hits the brakes, explaining that Niki needs their help in dealing with Jessica. Jessica isn't one for the nicey-nice negotiating, so she buys a military-grade sniper rifle and appears to use it to shoot down D.L. in cold blood. Poor Micah is going to need so much therapy.

Mohinder continues to toddle around India and discovers, to the shock of no one, including the oracle that he's supposed to consult, that he's meant to continue his father's work. Dude: duh.

Next time on Heroes: HRG has Sylar in custody, and we find out if Jessica has good aim.

Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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