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Finally, the perfect  trifecta. No, I’m not talkin’ about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, but rather the holy boob-tube union of the world’s best boss, karmic cleanser and bedpan cleanser: namely, Michael Scott of The Office, Earl Hickey of My Name Is Earl and…wait for it, wait for it…. J.D. Dorian of Scrubs!  

Yes, NBC just announced its new Thursday-night lineup this nanosecond. It begins Nov. 30 and will be My Name Is Earl at 8, The Office at 8:30, Scrubs at 9, 30 Rock at 9:30 and ER at 10. 

For us Scrubs fans, this is, of course, nothing short of a miracle, because not only is the show coming back earlier than expected (the buzz around town was that it’d be January), but Zach Braff and his crew at Sacred Heart also finally get a lead-in worthy of their genius comedic talents. 

And lest you think I’m glossing over NBC’s strong show of support for Tina Fey’s new 30 Rock, let me tell you this show truly has gotten better with every passing episode. And from what I hear, you will not be disappointed with what lies ahead.  

The only (possible) downside? NBC did not mention Twenty Good Years (the new John Lithgow-Jeffrey Tambor comedy) in its release about the new lineup. A request for comment on whether it has been canceled has not yet been answered by NBC. 

So, are you happy with this new Thursday lineup? If not, have you been bumped on the head lately? Hee-hee. Comment below…


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