High School Musical 3 (Movie Poster)


Watch your back, Vanessa Hudgens!

Your High School Musical costar Monique Coleman wants to get sweaty with your boy, Zac Efron.

Hudgens actually has nothing to worry about.

Coleman just thinks it would be a hoot if she and newly fitness-buffed Efron worked out together, because she's about to start training as a relay runner for the upcoming Malibu Triathlon, which raises money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

"That would be so cute," Coleman told me today. "I keep seeing all those [paparazzi] shots of Zac, and I'm like, Look at him being all grown up."

Coleman and the rest of the cast are going to have make time to see each other now that they're finished with High School Musical. They recently wrapped the third installment of the hit Disney franchise.

"I've heard talks about High School Musical 4, about them continuing, but we've graduated," said Coleman, who has appeared in all three HSMs as East High's chemistry-club president and resident smartypants, Taylor McKessie. "So we wouldn't be there anymore. But I might visit. You know, stop by and talk to the new chemistry girl and make sure she's doing alright."

In fact, Coleman isn't completely done with HSM just yet.

"My trainers are calling the [triathlon] team, Team High School Musical," Coleman explained. "I think it's cute, because it's a reflection of the High School Musical kids doing something good and positive."

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