Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

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One chef pissed off Gordon Ramsay just a little less than the other.

Find out who has been invited to join the Brit's culinary empire after the jump.


Christina Machamer has secured herself a ticket to London.

The 25-year-old culinary student was named the winner of the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen Tuesday, earning herself a $250,000-per-year position as executive chef of the recently opened Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, the British ball-breaker's third fine-dining establishment in the U.S.

"I am, like, so happy on 10 different levels. I can't even explain it," said Christina, whose tearful mom was waiting on the other side when the St. Louis native turned the handle and walked "into her dream."

"It's almost like a fairy tale you know? I guess it really does happen to people, even goobers like me," she said cheerfully.

"Christina had the least amount of experience coming in, but I sensed something special," Ramsay explained. "But she had the best potential of any contestant…I definitely made the right decision."

Christina Machamer, Hell's Kitchen

Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

In taking the title of Ramsay's least-hated contestant, Christina beat out 47-year-old catering director Louis Petrozza in the final challenge—a chance to run their own restaurants out of Hell's Kitchen's Culver City, Calif., set.

But first, while their respective boîtes were under construction last week, the finalists jetted off to Manhattan for a cook-off at Ramsay's London NYC, where the tide turned in the elder competitor's favor.

Each finalist won a trip to Dubai (where they'll eat in one of Ramsay's restaurants, natch), but Petrozza's filet mignon with onion risotto and an "onion paintbrush" garnish beat out Christina's aged New York strip steak with a sweet corn succotash.

Five executive chefs from Ramsay's epicurean empire did the judging and decided 3-2 in favor of Petrozza's beefy offering.

Tonight, however, it was go-time for the finalists' respective restaurants.

Christina's menu included a beef slider trio, last week's New York strip and a tropical sundae dessert with roasted pineapple and macadamia nut sorbet, while Petrozza sent out, among other things, an appetizer of lobster strudel, his signature filet topped with a crispy onion ring and served with risotto, and a vanilla soufflé with whiskey crème.

Yum, right?

Each finalist picked three former cocontestants to help them run the back of the house and, despite some soggy onion rings, courtesy of Jen "I'm awesome" Gavin, and some raw food "prepared" by the possibly asylum-bound Matt Sigel, Ramsay was pleased with the quality coming from both sides of the kitchen.

Not that the finale wasn't worth its TV-MA salt.

"You keep it in the f--ing kitchen…How can you do that to her?!" Ramsay yelled at Matt after Christina caught him putting raw monkfish on a plate.

"Would you mind shutting the f--k up and just concentrate?" he added, when Matt grumbled various profanities under his breath.

"Christina, well spotted," Ramsay praised.

The über-chef also had to take Jen to task, advising her to quit being so disrespectful to Petrozza when she whined about her boss-for-the-night's onion ring concerns.

Meanwhile, Petrozza and sous chef Bobby Anderson managed a crackerjack lobster risotto after running out of ingredients for two of their three appetizers, but diners ended up waiting…and waiting…for their entrees when the North Carolina-bred Petrozza took too long plating.

"Making this decision has been sheer agony for me," Ramsay told the finalists as they awaited their fates. "I went back and forth a number of times. Clearly you both have strength and without a shadow of a doubt, you're two very worthy finalists…I know both of you are gonna go on to great success."

Ultimately, however, when the comment cards had been read and Ramsay had factored in his observations from the season, it was game, set, match: Christina.

"It's been a tough journey. It's been hard and painful. It's been long, but it's been good. It's been good," Petrozza said resignedly. "I've met so many beautiful people…How priceless is that?"

But, as always, it was Ramsay who had the last word: "I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster for the last three months…And now it's time for me to get the f--k out of Hell's Kitchen."

Time to take a breather until the Sept. 19 premiere of Kitchen Nightmares.

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