Stephen "Steve-O" Glover

Toby Canham/Getty Images

"Four f--king months" and Steve-O's still sober. At least according to his most recent blog post.

But all his hard living has left the Jackass star suffering from some long-lasting side effects, so he's checked himself into the hospital:

"I did so much cocaine, ketamine, PCP, nitrous oxide and all sorts of other drugs, that, quite simply, my brain is f--ked up. As you can probably tell by the way I'm writing this, my cognitive skills are alright, but, I frequently suffer from horrible mood swings and severe depression."

Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, was hospitalized back in March following his bust for cocaine possession and now doesn't touch "a damn thing that a psychiatrist didn't prescribe to me."

But, he writes, "The medication that is prescribed to me doesn't do the trick every day, let's just put it that way. I'm back in the looney bin trying to get that s--t right."

Peace of mind isn't Steve-O's only incentive for staying clean.

He recently pleaded guilty to a felony possession charge but is off the hook as long as he successfully completes rehab.

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