Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott


I've been watching the third season of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on Oxygen. They keep saying their new daughter is their first little girl. Didn't Dean have a girl with his first wife, right before he left her for Tori?

Good eye, kid, good eye. Dean McDermott and former wife Mary Jo Eustace adopted a daughter together in 2005, the same year that he began his relationship with Spelling. But McDermott no longer has any legal responsibility for the little girl, named Lola. So take the "first daughter" gushing as you will. I know I won't.

Got more Burning Q's? Let's go!

Why do people report about the so-called "stars" from the MTV show The Hills? Most people don't seem to care about Heidi Montag and the other idiots who populate the show. Why can't they report real news about actual celebrities?

They may annoy you and irk me—looking at Audrina too long gives me a tic in my left eye—but as far as ratings are concerned, they are bona fide TV stars. The season-three opener in March brought in 4.8 million viewers, MTV's biggest audience ever for a single episode.

Is Raven-Symoné married with kids?


Miss Beaatch, what are you doing for the Fourth?

Celebrating my independence from Battlestar Galactica, thank God that's over. Frack, that last season was looking a mess. I shall also receive gifts, celebrity-style, at a party in Malibu, and see if there are any surfer-vs.-paparazzo fights going down in the vicinity. So much more fun than fireworks.

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