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[Many of you commented on certain mysterious changes noticed during last week's episode of The Soup. Head Writer and Executive Producer, KP Anderson, wades shin-deep into the blog to respond.]

Hi everyone. As you may have read or heard, Joel McHale is on location in Illinois shooting a movie, and we are coming to him to shoot the show at a secret, undisclosed location in St. Louis. As you know, we don’t take much time off from the show and are, in fact, slowly trying to destroy Joel the way they did Judy Garland. At any rate, the thing about secret, undisclosed locations is that they seldom come with the same studio lighting, makeup and wardrobe we get when we play on our home field. So that would probably account for the astute observations you've all made regarding Joel’s look.

Mostly, it’s a lighting issue that we will be trying to adjust as we head back to St. Louis this week for our second, and final, shoot out there. The staff and crew at the secret, undisclosed location are awesome and have treated us incredibly well as did the small but lively audience who were held at gunpoint and forced to watch.

As for Joel’s chest hair, I know. You should smell it.

We leave you now to your posts and promise to never read again. Seriously, say what you feel no matter how it hurts us. We don’t even look at it. Ever.

KP Anderson
Exec Producer/Head Writer
Location Studio Lighting Expert

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